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Making digital more human with Conversational User Interfaces


The human touch within digital technology

Digital technology is developing at a rapid pace. Processes are being digitized and the latest software options are constantly being added.

Partly as a result of this, customer expectations are also growing. Digital innovations provide new possibilities.

At the same time, the question also arises: "to what extent can you digitize and omit the human touch with products and services?". This resulted in a search for possibilities to make digitization more human .

Going into the future with chat and voice

We see more and more opportunities to make digital technology more human, which is a good thing. Techniques that have been further developed in recent years make this possible. Think for example of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Understanding. These techniques are also commonly used when designing and programming a Conversational User Interface.

Freo Google Assistant.

Why a Conversational User Interface?

A Conversational User Interface makes it possible to communicate with a computer on human terms. This interface can be configured as a chatbot or a voice assistant. Very useful as an application for customer services or when looking for information on a website.

In addition, Conversational UIs are also used for guidance paths within apps and websites.

The emergence of voice assistants such as the Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri have brought more attention to Conversational UIs. In addition, consumer development, where permanent availability has become a requirement, is increasing the use of chatbots by companies.

Implementing a Conversational UI strategically

Implementing a Conversational UI is not a goal in itself, but a means. The goal you can achieve with a strategically implemented Conversational UI is to increase conversion or improve customer service. Because of the human aspect, the Conversational User Interface can be used to optimally serve your customer during the customer journey.

We think along with our customers at a strategic level. That is why we also see the opportunities for companies to respond to developments in the field of Conversational User Interfaces and thereby serve their goals.

To realize this, the implementation must first of all be strategically thought out. In addition, we believe that a Conversational UI should be set up in such a way that no new bulk of new information is created that must be kept up to date. This makes the User Interface operable and really part of the entire customer journey.


Would you like to know more about how you strategically use a chatbot during the entire customer journey? Download our whitepaper here with more interesting information.

Note: this whitepaper is only available in Dutch.

Download whitepaper

Creating your optimal Conversational UI solution

We have been able to put several forms of a Conversational UI into practice for our customers. For example, together with Freo we created a Google Assistant Action and with DHS a guidance path within a care application for the NHS.

Do you want to know how to strategically deploy a Conversational UI within your organization? We like to think along with you. Contact us if you want to know more about the implementation options or about setting up a strategy.

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Do you want to implement a conversational UI?

We'll help you on your way.

We are happy to help you with a strategic implementation of your Conversational UI. Do you want in-depth information about a chatbot strategy? Download our whitepaper. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have other questions about CUIs.

Note: the whitepaper is only available in Dutch.

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