Application Modernization; the concept of modernizing applications

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Application Modernization

Application Modernization. Quite a mouthful when you try and wrap your tongue around it, but what does it actually mean? We explain it to you in this explainer. 



Modernizing applications

Organizations are under growing pressure to embrace the latest digital technology, such as augmented reality, blockchain and artificial intelligence. These new technologies are developing at an unprecedented pace. The emergence of new technologies also involves a range of new programming languages and application architectures. It is actually quite logical that an application that was previously developed no longer corresponds to the very latest innovations. Therefore, applications need to be continuously modernized. 

In a world that continues to change faster than ever, developing software, apps and sites is not a one-off challenge or opportunity. It's a continuous process.


Rob Vogelsangs, Iquality

From demand to necessity

The pace is faster than ever. The corona pandemic has provided an extra impulse; right now there is a need for well-functioning IT systems. Consider, for example, the need to meet the requirements of a new browser. It is no longer a question, but a necessity. Due to the rapid pace of developments, accelerated innovation is also required in the modernization of applications. There is no time- and simetimes no budget - to completely reprogram applications from scratch. And actually that's not smart at all. Instead, the DNA of the original software can be preserved and it can be modernized to meet new needs.This is what we call application modernization.

A good investment

We hear you thinking... 'What if i don't modernize my applications?' That's risky. You may lose customers because competitors do use the latest technologies. Plus, you will also spend more money on maintenance. Besides, old legacy applications have more often problems and will crash in the end. In the long run, it is more affordable to make a good one-time investment rather than in maintenance time and again.

These kind of transformation processes go further than just applying on a band-aid. We will prepare you again for the future, to really be able to continue successfully. We first make an analysis of the current situation and then continue with a roadmap to modernize an application. Many companies have already modernized and it is expected that more and more will follow. 

When does your organization start?

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