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At Iquality we believe that digital solutions are more than just code. Our development services form the solid foundation that transforms your business vision into effective, tailor-made software solutions, with a strong focus on Microsoft Azure technologies.

Our development services

App Development

We develop scalable, secure and reliable business applications. By using Microsoft technologies and frameworks such as .NET and a strong focus on Azure, we deliver robust and future-proof solutions. Our expertise in front-end development ensures that these applications are visually appealing and easy to use, using frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.js, as well as React Native for hybrid applications. We also offer solutions with the low-code platform OutSystems for fast and flexible development.

Web Development

Our modern web solutions are designed with a focus on usability and performance. We develop dynamic and intuitive front-ends for apps, portals and websites using frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue.js. These front-ends work seamlessly with various back-end systems, making your web applications not only functional, but also attractive and easy to use.


Seamless integration with existing systems is essential for the smooth operation of your digital solutions. We ensure that our applications fit perfectly with your current infrastructure, using APIs, microservices and middleware to create an integrated ecosystem. Our solutions enable connections to a wide range of services and SaaS products, both on Azure and other platforms.

AI and Machine Learning

Our AI and machine learning solutions transform your business processes. We develop and deploy models using Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, which enable predictive analytics, improve automation, and generate new insights. This helps your company to become more innovative and competitive.


  • Digital Experience Platforms (DXP)
    We develop flexible and scalable Digital Experience Platforms that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. By using composable architectures and combinatorial innovation, we ensure future-proof platforms that engage and convert customers.
  • Cloud Native Apps on Azure
    Our cloud-native apps, built with a cloud-first approach, leverage microservices and event-driven architectures. By harnessing the power of Azure, we deliver applications that perform optimally, are secure and easily scalable.
  • Low Code Development
    We offer low-code solutions for rapid innovation. With leading low-code platforms such as OutSystems, we develop powerful, flexible and easily customizable applications in record time that fit perfectly with a dynamic business environment.

Our approach: First you, then coding

Our 'First you, then coding' approach to development is a continuous cycle of planning, developing and delivering:

We start with a thorough analysis of your organization and draw up a delivery plan together. This includes an iteration plan for short-term goals and regular feedback loops to align with changing needs.

In the development phase we combine UX design, DevOps principles and data analysis. We design, build and test iteratively, which enables rapid response to changes and continuous improvement. Continuous Integration (CI) ensures fast and reliable code to the test environment.

We conduct extensive testing to ensure the quality and performance of the solutions. After successful testing, we ensure a fast and reliable production rollout via Continuous Deployment (CD).

Discover how we work


At Iquality we work with a number of leading partners to deliver the best solutions:

  • Microsoft: For cloud computing and Azure services.
  • Sitecore: For robust and flexible content management systems.
  • DatoCMS: For powerful headless CMS solutions.
  • Contentful: For versatile and scalable content management systems.
  • Storyblok: For intuitive and user-friendly content management systems.
  • OutSystems: For powerful low-code platforms that help you develop applications quickly.

To summarize briefly

  • Gathering and analyzing requirements
  • Designing and realizing the architecture
  • Coding and implementation
  • Debugging and testing
  • Implementation

We get inspired by curious people

First you, then coding: we design, develop, optimize and support digital solutions for your story.

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