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First you, then coding as a continuous cycle

We believe that the best digital solutions arise from a deep understanding of your needs and goals. Our approach, 'First you, then coding', is a continuous cycle that integrates UX, Dev, Ops and Data to deliver flexible, efficient and high-quality digital products. All this takes place within the framework of a product vision that answers the ambitions and challenges of our customers and is translated into a clear roadmap and quality requirements. Over here you can read how our approach strengthens your organization, based on our First you, then coding loop: plan, develop, deliver and execute.

First you, then coding loop

Our 'First you, then coding' approach is an iterative loop that integrates the core principles of UX, Dev, Ops and Data. This approach ensures seamless collaboration between different disciplines and continuous improvement through all phases of the digital product lifecycle.

First you, then coding loop


  • Product Vision and Insight
    We start with a detailed analysis of your organization, during which we conduct discussions with stakeholders, conduct user research and determine objectives. Our goal is to understand the value for everyone involved: users, initiators and other stakeholders such as constrainers and stakeholders. Based on this, we formulate a product vision that answers the ambitions and challenges of our customers. Our solutions meet high quality requirements according to ISO/IEC 25010, supported by our ISO 9001 and 27001 certifications. We have Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) policies to ensure our solutions are sustainable and socially responsible.
  • Delivery Plan and Iteration Plan
    Together with our customers, we draw up a detailed delivery plan that describes the steps and milestones of the development. This includes an iteration plan aligned to sprints, where we define short-term goals and outcomes. Through regular feedback loops we ensure that we continuously adapt to the changing needs of your organization.


  • Design and Build
    In the development phase we use a combination of UX design, DevOps principles and data analysis. We understand, design, build and test our solutions iteratively. This approach allows us to respond quickly to changes and integrate feedback, resulting in continuous improvement. Through iterative sprints, UX testing and data-driven insights, we regularly deliver working software that is increasingly refined.
  • Iterative Development
    We implement Continuous Integration (CI) to ensure that code can be delivered to the test environment quickly and reliably. This promotes rapid iterations and a constant flow of improvements.

Our 'First you, then coding' loop is purple. 🟣
🔴 Red symbolizes emotion and the humanity– understanding needs, goals and challenges.
🔵 Blue stands for technical expertise – advanced technology and innovative solutions.
Purple symbolizes the harmonious combination of both, creating extraordinary value for clients.

John van Beek - Managing partner Iquality


  • Testing and Validation:
    During this phase, we conduct extensive automated and manual testing to ensure the quality, safety and performance of the solutions. Through UX testing and feedback loops with data we can continuously optimize and improve.
  • Continuous Deployment (CD):
    After successful testing, we ensure that the code can be brought to production quickly and reliably. This promotes rapid iterations and continuous improvements.


  • Implementation and Rollout:
    We manage the entire lifecycle of digital products, from concept and development to implementation and maintenance. By using DevOps principles and data-driven monitoring, we can quickly respond to feedback and implement updates.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance:
    After implementation, we continue to work closely to monitor and evaluate the performance of the solutions. Through continuous monitoring and incident management, we ensure that the digital products continue to function reliably and safely.
  • Support based on ITIL principles:
    Our support services are based on ITIL principles, allowing us to provide structured and efficient support. This includes incident management, problem management and change management to ensure that your digital solutions always perform optimally.
  • Evaluation and Optimization:
    Through regular evaluations and adjustments, we ensure that the digital products continue to meet the changing needs and goals of your organization. We continuously work on optimizing solutions to deliver lasting value.

Collaborate with Iquality

Our working method is aimed at creating long-term, intensive and pleasant collaborations. By embracing 'First you, then coding' and integrating UX, Dev, Ops and Data principles, we deliver technology that is people-centric and impactful.

We draw up a product vision that reflects your ambitions and challenges, translate this into a clear roadmap and define the quality requirements that must be met. We make agreements with customers about the service provided throughout this entire process. We invite you to discover with us how we can take your digital products to the next level.

We get inspired by curious people

First you, then coding: we design, develop, optimize and support digital solutions for your story.

John van Beek

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