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Technology used properly stimulates our curiosity

We are Iquality - a team that works every day to create the connection between people and technology. With our philosophy, 'First you, then coding', we focus on your ambitions, whether you are our customer, user, community member, or team member. Our core values of humble, curious, responsible, and committed inspire us to design solutions that are not only functional and innovative, but also resonate with (end) users.

Our story

We started in 1994 (we have been around for 30 years!). Since then, we have grown into a team of 70 professionals spread over six multidisciplinary teams working from the Netherlands and Ukraine. Every member of our team adds something, whether they design, program or test software. Despite our growth, we have maintained our mutual bond with each other; we work directly together and keep the lines of communication short and personal.

Our working method: First you, then coding

Discover 'First you, then coding', our innovative approach at Iquality, where your needs are central. We go through a thoughtful cycle of planning, development, delivery and execution, all carefully tailored to UX, DevOps and data analytics. Together we not only create digital products, but we build the digital future of your organization.

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Why is everything purple at Iquality?

In the color palette, purple represents something unique. It is located between warm and cool, where passion and tranquility come together - exactly the essence of our approach. The warmth of purple, inspired by the fiery intensity of red, fuels our passion. This is followed by a methodical and calm approach, similar to the serene coolness of blue, to achieve our goals. Purple symbolizes the bridge between human connection and technological genius. For us, purple is not just a color choice, but a powerful statement of our values and approach.

Our logo is characterized by two brackets. It represents not only essential elements in programming, but also a human dimension: they take the form of arrows pointing to each other. This symbolizes our philosophy: 'First you, then coding'. We believe that technology only makes a real impact when we understand people's unique needs and ambitions.

About our logo

Part of something bigger

We are part of 'The Digital Neighborhood', a club of 14 tech companies with different expertise, ranging from Microsoft services and data analysis to Cloud technologies and business intelligence. Together we stand strong to help our customers grow. Do you work with one of us? Then you can count on the expertise of all of us.

The Digital Neighborhood brand wheel.

Quality management

We take the security of your information and quality management seriously, and this is officially recognized with our ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications. You can trust that we work to strict standards when it comes to your data and quality management. Read more about how we manage security and quality.

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We believe in a future where technology is a force that is good for the world - after all, we take care of our planet together. That's why we focus on developing innovative and people-oriented solutions that have a lasting positive impact. How do we do that? We have recorded this in our sustainability report.

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We get inspired by curious people

First you, then coding: we design, develop, optimize and support digital solutions for your story.

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