Iquality introduces TaaS and Labs

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Iquality introduces TaaS and Labs

The technical possibilities are increasing rapidly. Customer needs are changing constantly. And startups with new business models challenge your organization every day. Therefore, it's important to continue developing ideas yourself and quickly test them in practice. Labs and TaaS of Iquality help you do so.

Discovery at Iquality Labs

Iquality Labs is a test garden where you can discover and try in a safe environment for a few days. As a startup, we let you examine your own organization, services, products, market and customers. Imagine starting over completely: how would you shape your business model with the current (disruptive) technologies? Or: what does the Uber, AirBnB or Bitcoin in your sector look like?

Active involvement at Iquality Labs

On the basis of your new ideas, you will develop a minimum viable product (app, tool or site) together with a multidisciplinary team. This will give you a tangible result, which will in turn inspire and direct the further development of your business. You determine what knowledge (technical, marketing) you bring or expect from us. And we will provide a surprising supplementation, such as students, a psychologist or a mathematician.


We believe in the power of collaborating in teams across the boundaries of organisations. Therefore, our service provision is aimed at sharing knowledge, structured collaboration and reinforcing each other.

Get smarter every day.

Iquality TaaS as growth accelerator

A Team as a Service (TaaS) is a flexible, multidisciplinary team that works on the continued development of your software, apps or websites. It forms a scalable addition to the knowledge and skills that are already present in your organization. Within a TaaS, the knowledge about your organization, your market and your preferences is retained. This means you are able to switch quickly when you wish to develop new digital products. The team works Agile and Lean. It investigates, invents and designs concepts and prototypes.

Constantly working on digital innovation with a TaaS

A TaaS is the number one way to constantly work on digital matters that reinforce your business within a controlled budget. You will no longer have to gather the right knowledge and experience for each project. And the team can also be approached directly if you're looking for a sparring partner. You will be able to use your time for actual innovation instead of non-productive management.

Tell us your story

What are the strong suits of your organization and how can you best utilise these? What will change over the coming six months in terms of the needs and expectations of your customers? How quickly can you renew and innovate? We are happy to think about these matters. Please feel free to ask us your question or stop by to meet us.

We get inspired by curious people

Our goal is for people to Get Smarter Every Day. 

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Get Smarter Every Day

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