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Iquality introduces TAAS and LABS

Our organisation's structure has been overhauled. Following Spotify's example, we will work in autonomous teams that are fully responsible for a certain number of clients. The goal is to offer our clients more flexibility and innovation options and to better utilise the full potential of our employees.

The Spotify model

The organisation structure of Spotify is internationally considered to be a perfect example of a flexible, innovative organisation. The basis of the organisation consists of autonomous teams that each bear responsibility for part of the end product. Each team has a clear mission and a product owner, but no hierarchical manager. This organizational structure allows Spotify to retain its ability to adapt and innovate, despite the continuous exponential growth the company experiences.

Transfer to teams

The Iquality management team presented its new organizational structure with autonomous teams in the last quarter of 2015. In November, a pilot with one team was launched. The results were successful. All the other teams started in February. Independently, they make digital matters that reinforce the business of our clients. It's about the complete process of Discovering, Making and Using. Every team can employ specific expertises and extra development capacity if needed. The teams are coached on demand and reviewed every month.

More information

Want to know more about our new organizational structure? Or about the way in which our teams can help you develop surprising and unique software, apps and website? If so, please contact John van Beek.

Contact photo John van Beek.

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