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Smart re-use of ICT

Today's technology offers unlimited possibilities for interaction between people. This behavioural influencing by digital technology is the true motivator for innovation. In this case, innovation is the translation of ideas, new technologies and processes. Yet, we can state that, with the exception of startups, over 80% of the Dutch companies are struggling with (antiquated) IT choices from the past. Can you innovate with existing IT landscapes?

Let me be clear, it is especially the basis of an IT landscape that can function as a new start in innovation trajectories. Why? Not everything that's old is necessarily bad in modern times. By smartly re-using IT, supplemented with new elements, an organisation can often take huge steps forward. This demands quite a lot of ability to change from an organisation, where a well-founded connection with the existing landscape is an important condition for success. This dynamic includes the challenges in applying (new) technologies in order to do better or different business with an eye on existing processes, systems and organisations.

The world looks different every single day, so your ICT landscape must also feature this flexibility.

John van Beek, Managing Partner & Solution Manager at Iquality

Ready for innovation?

Keep in mind that innovation trajectories only succeed when organisations focus on the outside world in order to signal the new possibilities offered by IT. But particularly to translate this into new opportunities within the organisation. Close collaboration between IT and the business is essential to this. This greatly increases the chance of success. Moreover, there has to be room to experiment. Making mistakes is part of the deal. And no, these kinds of trajectories are never complete (sorry). The world looks different every single day, so your IT landscape must also feature this flexibility.

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John van Beek

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