Blockchain Hackathon Nijmegen

Blockchain hackathon

Discover the possibilities of Blockchain Technology

Increasingly more companies, institutions and governmental organisations are interested in the possibilities that blockchain technology offers. At first, they mainly ask us the question: what is it? Because technology is not a goal but a means, the question soon becomes: what can we do with it? Or: how do we use blockchain to reinforce our business?

Blockchain Hackathon Nijmegen September 2016

The Blockchain Hackathon is the second programming marathon Hackathon in Nijmegen. The event starts on Friday evening 30 September at 5 PM. Students and programmers of various ICT and business educations are presented with attractive business cases from various challenge partners. Iquality is one of those challenge partners. We feel it's important to constantly investigate and utilize new ICT possibilities together with our clients. This allows us to mutually improve each other every day.

Multidisciplinary teams work together and build a prototype within 48 hours.

Your business case with blockchain in practice

We also realise the possibilities of blockchain. And we are eager to explore them further. For this reason, we will be working on blockchain during the Blockchain Hackathon Nijmegen this fall. We challenge you to participate! You can do so by providing a business case for which you feel blockchain technology has an added value. If we accept your challenge, a concept or working prototype will be delivered within 48 hours.

Building a prototype app or website with disruptive technologies within 48 hours.

How to send your business case

Curious about what ambitious students and programmers can spout out in terms of concepts and prototypes within 48 hours? Describe the challenge your organisation faces and think about how a technology based on blockchain may help improve customer experiences and results or other advantages. Your challenge doesn't have to be very extensive, up to 300 words is sufficient. Please send your challenge to us before 4 September.

Marvin van Wingerde

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