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User-friendly technology

Imagine: you've just worked together with your development partner on a killer app, website or software. Looking at the technical aspects, it's state of the art, but did you consider the user-friendliness of your product enough?

User-centered design

Products and services are being used by humans, but also by robots. Thus, it is important to focus on the experience and attractiveness of your product or service; does the user use the app, website or software the way it was designed? Does the user understand what will happen if he or she clicks on this button? What does the user think of the appearance of the product? In February, we introduced a new team focused on experience. This team consists of multiple disciplines, such as visual design, UX design, content creation and online marketing.

Experience focused

When you build an app, website or software, you have a certain purpose or goal in mind. In some cases, the goal is commerce: your digital product has to generate leads or support your existing customers. It contributes to brand experience. In some cases, the app, website or software supports internal processes. In this case, the goal is to help employees work as efficient as possible; time is money after all. Therefore, you should make sure your digital products have been built as user-friendly as possible. After all, a user-friendly website, app or software converts and/or supports better.

You have got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology.

Steve Jobs, Co-founder and CEO of Apple

Cases: Damen Shipyards and SOS International

“Since we introduced the team last February we have been very busy with different projects” says Team Lead and Visual Designer Lennert van Hunen. Eldin Medanhodžić worked on the My Damen project: “during this project, we developed a web app for the customers of Damen Shipyards. The project included providing insight on user needs (personas), functional requirements, interaction design, information design and visual design.”

Dennis Flinsenberg is our video and photography expert. “For UMOOV, an open mobility platform, we shot a short clip showing their customer journey. We also shot a short clip for SOS International during a workshop about the customer journey of their website.”

Get Smarter Every Day with Iquality and Experience

The Experience team is a multidisciplinary and self-managing team, just like all teams at Iquality. The team supports development teams with its expertise. The advantage of this method is that all knowledge is merged within one team, which makes it possible to work faster and more efficiently; after all, you do not have to switch between different companies. We call this method Team as a Service (TaaS). At Iquality, knowledge is not hidden behind an account manager; you can contact your team directly. Wondering how a TaaS works?

Dennis Nieuwenhuis.

Technology and creativity as one

When designing an app, website or application you have to take into account multiple aspects. During the designing process, user experience is often neglected or even forgotten. Are you ready to focus on your user's experience?


We get inspired by curious people

Our goal is for people to Get Smarter Every Day. 

John van Beek

Get Smarter Every Day

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