CED launches a new career website

Working at CED website header

CED asked Iquality to bring potential employees into contact with their organization online. Together with CED, the objective for the new website was defined; to motivate visitors to find a vacancy, to apply for jobs and to find a suitable job. To reinforce this goal, Iquality provided a User Experience (UX) process, combined with a striking visual design. Furthermore, Iquality provided suitable visual content.

User Experience

In order to achieve the objective of the website, Iquality has added a number of important elements to the website. From the "hero" on the homepage we want to capture and motivate the visitor to find vacancies and ultimately, we want to increase loyalty through strong and catchy background information about CED. Visual and textual elements support this objective.

The importance of visual content

Together with CED, we felt it was important to position the departments within the company prominently. In order to actually set up the departments properly, it was decided to take catchy pictures at several CED locations. Our photographer Dennis Flinsenberg worked closely with the marketing team of CED, to seamlessly connect the photos to the existing image database and to the design of the website. Dennis: "Too often we see photos that were clearly staged. Therefore, it was important to give the photos a clear and warm appearance, in which real emotions of employees were shown."

Integrating the backend application Talentsoft

Simultaneously with the development of the ‘Working at CED' website, CED also switched to an organization-wide recruitment system: Talentsoft. In the past, Iquality has made integrations with recruitment systems for its clients. As a result of this integration, vacancies from Talentsoft are immediately visible on the CED website. In addition, applications will go directly from the Talentsoft website. We have opted to "cache" this synchronization intelligently in the web content management system, with the main goal not to bother the visitor of the website with a link to an external system. The synchronization between the CMS and Talentsoft takes place in the background. If there is no connection with the recruitment system, we offer the data again later, without the visitor of the website noticing this.

Multi-site solution

The main website of CED also uses Sitecore as Web CMS. Because of this, it offered the existing multi-site solution the possibility to use previously developed components within the Working at CED website. This way, the Working at CED website can also use components from the main CED website. Our UX specialists and designers have taken this into account. This way, customers get access to a rich component library with which several webpages can easily be launched. We also add new components per website.

We are proud of the final result.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Team Lead & Sitecore Developer

The challenge was to ensure that various disciplines were well coordinated in a relatively small project. The backend application was being developed at the time and the HR staff at CED needed to get to know this backend application. We were also able to deploy a wide range of services. Our Experience team took care of the UX, visual design and visual content (photographs). Our development team implemented the design and the integration with Talentsoft. Moreover, by developing the website on the Sitecore platform, the CED content managers are able to manage the entire website themselves.

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