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The challenge: innovating continuously

As a company you will do anything to make progress. You manage processes, buy systems and facilitate employees to bring out the best in themselves. All the elements of success, and yet you do not make the most of this potential. That is a shame. You have this powerful customer experience system, for example Sitecore, but you do not use its full potential. Of course, a good foundation is the best start, but in order to achieve the right execution power online, you also need the necessary knowledge about the deployment of this system, in addition to choosing the right system for you. You tap into the full potential of your CMS if you connect the goals of your business to the right software, creativity and technical capabilities. Furthermore, it enables you to focus on the innovation that you need as a business.

Team as a Service: your own tailor-made team, whenever it suits you.

Our vision: bringing business and technology together

Innovation does not only involve a solid foundation, it also needs structure. If you want to innovate, you have to adjust your methods and increase your knowledge. Working together is more than being critical of each other: it is also offering perspective and paying attention to other matters to create and maintain optimum circumstances. At Iquality, we feel it’s important to set goals and how to achieve them. For example, a minimal viable product should have a foundation, but it must contain enough knowledge in order to be able to develop it further. This means continuous evaluations, thinking and adjusting. Time after time.

The advantage of Team as a Service

Within a TaaS, knowledge about your organisation, your market and your preferences is retained. This means you are able to switch quickly. You don't have to match the correct knowledge and experience every time.

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The answer: Team as a Service

By using your own Team as a Service (TaaS), you work flexible but focused on your business values. It ensures a CMS like Sitecore to become a well-oiled machine. This multidisciplinary development and support team works dedicated to achieve optimal results and is operates self-governing: when the set goals require different knowledge, other people will be added to the team to deliver this kind of knowledge. That way, you always have the right execution power at your disposal.

How does it help? Develop and innovate faster

In our opinion, the dedication of our teams is important in achieving established goals. Thus, there is always a range of professionals available, within the agreed budget. We believe that working with one team has a positive effect on achieving your business values. You also know exactly who to turn to in order to get an answer to your question: at Iquality, there is no project manager, you communicate directly with your team. This works faster and more efficiently.

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Get Smarter Every Day with Iquality and TaaS

We have been Sitecore partner since 2004 and developed many digital products using Sitecore CMS. Our multidisciplinary teams consist of several specialist. Front-end and back-end developers, support engineers, test engineers, designers and a team lead. Digital innovation is accelerating, so it's important to optimise processes to work as efficiently as possible. Working in short sprints keeps the project on track, allowing you to quickly innovate as a company. Does this seem interesting to you? Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your business.

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Innovate your digital products with TaaS

Hire the knowledge to work on your business values in a better and more consistent way using Team as a Service. It immediately increase your online execution power, and helps you achieve results.

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Our goal is for people to Get Smarter Every Day. 

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Get Smarter Every Day

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