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Recently, DLL launched a new version of their career website workingatdllgroup.com. Thanks to the improvements, potential applicants are able to find and respond to vacancies more easily. Furthermore, the new website has an appearance that fits much better with other DLL websites. Iquality developed the new career website in collaboration with DLL and design agency 0930.

Worldwide recruitment

The career website workingatdllgroup.com is used by all the countries DLL operates in, which is more than thirty countries across the globe. The appearance of the previous version of the website didn’t fit DLL's corporate style any longer and HR managers had a lot of work keeping their own country pages up to date. The previous version was also supported by WordPress CMS, while other DLL sites were all supported by Sitecore CMS. This meant that for the maintenance and improvement of the website knowledge had to be hired externally.

An attractive employer

Together with design agency 0930 and DLL, Iquality has realised a new career website for DLL. According to Lotte Konieczek-Sommerdijk, Head HR Operations at DLL, this new site fits much better with other DLL sites. "The many images, videos and quotes give the site the authentic, attractive and reliable look of DLL. The information is available in numerous languages and of course the website is responsive. All features on the site are easy to use on any device. In addition, social media like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Xing and Glassdoor are fully integrated."

The many images, videos and quotes give the site the authentic, attractive and reliable look of DLL.

Lotte Konieczek-Sommerdijk, Head of HR Operations at DLL

Useful for potential candidates

The new career website offers people seeking a new job more opportunities than the old version. Christian Haverkamp, Team Lead at Iquality: "There are several ways to search for vacancies. Furthermore, the website works well with LinkedIn. For example, users can click on a button to see if any of their LinkedIn contacts works at DLL, or has worked there in the past. Applying can be done through one simple form, where you can automatically retrieve data from your LinkedIn page when completing the form. Potential candidates can furthermore indicate what type of job they are looking for and sign up for a job alert."

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Remarketing platform

When a lease contract ends, an asset is returned to the manufacturer or is sold to the company or institution that leased it. In some cases, the asset is returned to DLL. Iquality developed one platform that would support the remarketing processes for all industries and business units worldwide and that would include all the information on all assets.

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Useful for HR

The new version of the career website is also easier for HR staff. Christian: "The career website is integrated with Lumesse, the job tracking system that DLL uses. Because of this integration, the vacancies posted on the Lumesse software automatically appear on the website. HR staff can indicate which questions should be asked on the application form. With all these improvements, it has become easier for DLL to find the right talents worldwide."

Using the Scrum method

Scrum has been chosen as a project approach. A fixed team works within a predetermined number of sprints on a product. Christian: "For this project, we have increased the number of planned sprints, because DLL enthusiastically added more demands to the backlog. The great advantage of Scrum, is that in such a situation you notice that the expectations of the stakeholders are different from what you can make as a team within the agreed timeframe much earlier in the process. The product owner can anticipate early on in the project and possibly set other priorities."

My advice for a successful Scrum project

Christian Haverkamp
Christian Haverkamp
Team Lead

In Scrum, you basically determine the functionalities that are the most important first. Therefore, it's important that you clearly set priorities in your app, website, or software requirements. This is not always easy, of course. But if you find everything equally important, you'll have a chance that the Scrum team is getting started with things that are useful, but perhaps less necessary than features that remain on your backlog at the end of the project.

Team lead Christian Haverkamp.

I like this approach

contact Christian

Christian Haverkamp was intensively involved in all developments. He can tell you all about it with great enthusiasm. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact him.

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