Iquality signs partner agreement with OutSystems

Developer working with OutSystems

Iquality signs partner agreement with OutSystems

Since January 2017, Iquality is a certified partner of OutSystems, a low-code platform for rapid application development. Utilising this platform enables Iquality to accelerate the application development efficiency.

Benefit from great ideas

“Time to market is becoming increasingly important to our clients”, says Patrick Joosten, Managing Partner at Iquality. “By using OutSystems mobile apps and web applications are developed up to five times faster. As the platform contains the most commonly used components, which can therefore be used without having to type the code itself. Furthermore, a low-code development platform saves you technical hassle, such as setting up a database, selecting a hosting provider, etcetera.”

Features central

The power of OutSystems lies, among others, in the large number of features and tools for database management, integration and cooperation, coupled to a comprehensive set of mobile features. Patrick Joosten: "If we develop an app or web application with OutSystems, we can already show the customer a working app within a few hours. Which means receiving feedback earlier in the development process, resulting in enhanced results. Especially because we can focus on the features during these conversations, without having to worry about all kinds of technical designs.

The technology is managed

Because (web) applications are fully developed, tested and used in the cloud when using OutSystems, business managers are less dependent on their IT-departments. Patrick: "Our clients do not need to release any private resources. Nor do they have to mess up their own IT-architecture to develop an app or web application, resulting in more freedom. Furthermore, apps and web applications scale well. Do you attract more users? You can purchase more licenses and vice versa. Additionally; multilingual, responsive, security and in-app feedback are built in as standard."

OutSystems is the best choice

Iquality has reviewed and tested several providers of low-code development platforms before deciding on a partner. Joosten: "We  have chosen OutSystems because this platform provides a nice balance between what is regulated by default and what you can adjust. For example, you can design the user experience in corporate identity, which is important for some of our clients. Furthermore, you can use an app and web app at the same database, which is a valuable and powerful feature."

About Iquality

Iquality develops software, apps and websites that allow customers a smart way to achieve their ambitions. The developers and engineers are always looking at the overall picture of business, experience and technology. Iquality operates according to its own approach: 'Get Smarter Every Day'. In short sprints they add more and more value to software, an application or a website. Rapid application development is therefore an important requirement. This way of working has been in Iquality’s DNA since its founding in 1994.

About OutSystems

Worldwide, thousands of customers rely on OutSystems, the number one low-code development platform for rapid application development. Driven technicians have designed every aspect of the platform with attention to detail, so companies can build enterprise-grade applications and hence accelerate their digital transformation. OutSystems is the only solution that combines the power of low-code application development with advanced mobile features, making the entire application landscape visually modelled and also ready to be integrated with existing systems. Click here for more information, follow us on Twitter, visit us on LinkedIn or download the report.

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