The BMI of ICT


What is the BMI of your ICT?

Weighing yourself; some people do it daily, others try to avoid it as much as possible. But, every now and then, everyone finds themselves on the scales. And we are curious every time: heavier or lighter than last time; gained weight or lost weight. The number of kilos is one thing, your BMI is actually more important; that is, your weight related to your height. As long as your Body Mass Index is fine. The same goes for your IT department.

Weighing requires discipline

Structure, size, number of applications; it doesn't say much without relating it to your organisation's 'body'. That body is your core process, with its unique characteristics and performance requirements. Each organisation is different and yet it is possible to make comparisons to other companies with regards to parameters.

Only then you'll see how different the 'Mass' of IT sometimes is, even though the 'Body' of the one organisation is not that different from another.

Regularly measuring your IT is useful, but it does require some discipline. Because in a dynamic organisation, it doesn't take much to gain another kilo. On the one hand, new apps, advanced learning and adaptive security offer new opportunities. However, on the other hand, they also increase the chance of obesity and limit the agility of your employees and customers. They are the first to notice it. And no one likes to be forced into losing weight.

In case of (further) development of your business applications, 'overeating' is a huge pitfall.

John van Beek, Managing Partner and Solution Manager at Iquality

Digital obesity is lying in wait

Data of everything, ambient user experience, Internet of things; where the buffet of possibilities is unlimited, digital obesity lies in wait. Healthy development habits help prevent customer and service architecture from becoming too heavy. This all starts with a good idea of the 'Body' of your organisation and with knowledge of the typifying parameters that accompany this.

So, periodically plan time to scrutinise the BMI of your own IT and make a plan to regain a healthy weight as soon as possible.

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John van Beek

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