Whitepaper – A Digital Experience Strategy: everything for an optimal customer experience

Building up DXP.

From strategy to a powerful platform

A Digital Experience Platform enables organizations to distinguish themselves from the competition in a crucial way: by offering relevant and inspiring experiences at the exact moment the user needs them. How do you start putting together such a platform? You do this by establishing a Digital Experience Strategy – the basis for your digital solutions.

Are you curious how Iquality helps customers with Digital Experience Platforms?

Damen Yachting has launched a new website for their brand Amels. This website is the first within the new 'multisite environment' and part of Damen yachting's digital transformation. We have set up a DXP where speed, security and flexibility play a major role. 

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In this whitepaper we will discuss in detail:

  • The importance of a distinctive customer experience
  • The need for a Digital Experience Strategy
  • The most important parts of a Digital Experience Strategy

Download the whitepaper and discover how creating a strategy will benefit you in the future.

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