Successful software development workshops for children conducted!

image of colleague coding with children.

Code Week 2021

October 14 we went to the Heuvelschool in Borculo. In the context of the EU Code Week we gave 4 workshops. The idea behind these workshops is to make programming more visible. In this blog you can read all about the content of the workshops and different experiences of our colleagues and the Heuvelschool.

The workshops

The workshops are based on 4 aspects within software development; design, programming, security and testing.

Workshop 1: designing a user experience
Developing software all starts with designing a user experience. Our colleague Norman has put together a workshop that really stimulated the creativity of the children. On the basis of a few examples, the children became acquainted with an object that was not working properly. The examples were very recognizable and they were able to name what was wrong with these images. With this in mind, the children got to work themselves; they started thinking about making a well-functioning app to avoid being late for school and in which all their tasks such as; brushing teeth, getting dressed, having breakfast, making a sandwich, etc. could be ticked off. They did this by sketching a user interface on paper. Norman says: “one of the boys was so excited that he asked me if he could finish the interface at home. Making a few students enthusiastic about your field, that's what you do it for!"

Workshop 2: Programming a track with Robot Dash
When the design process is completed, the whole concept ends up with a developer to actually program it. Therefore, together with Didi, the children created a route that Robot Dash was going to perform. Robot Dash playfully stimulates skills such as critical thinking, planning and problem-solving. In addition, Robot Dash can also dance and sing, which of course was very appealing to the children. Didi found it very satisfying to get children excited about programming.

Workshop 3: safety; break into Elon Musk's bank
Of course, once software has been developed, it must be watertight against possible cyber attacks. Under the guidance of robin the children broke into the bank of Elon Musk within a terminal environment. Robin thinks that it is very nice to see when the interest of children is stimulated and that you can really see that they become enthusiastic about a subject. “Discovering a new perspective or way of thinking is always helpful for children. For us it's nice to see if this is about our field," says Robin.

Workshop 4: testing Buggy Bird
And of course Buggy Bird, accompanied by Anna. When software is developed, it must of course always be tested. The game Buggy Bird contained a number of deliberate mistakes. Anna indicates that the children really wanted to find the bugs and they were so happy when they succeeded! She says that with every bug found, their confidence grew!

Ervaring van de Heuvelschool

We thought it was a successful visit and we enjoyed giving the workshops, but what did the school think? De Heuvelschool says:

“Iquality has provided four exciting, educational and varied activities at our school. The students, but also the teachers, are very satisfied and enthusiastic about what Iquality has offered us. Iquality has a lot to offer in the field of programming and in this way they transfer their knowledge to the next generation. We would like to see Iquality return every year in the EU Code Week.” -

H.W. Heuvelschool.

Onze motivatie om mee te doen

The EU Code Week is an initiative to stimulate children's creativity, problem-solving and collaboration through programming and other technical activities. We are happy to contribute to this with our 'Get Smarter Every Day' mentality and CSR objectives.

Iquality immediately received an invitation to come again next year. Would you like us to provide these workshops for you as well? Please contact us.

Thanks to: Robin Hermanussen, Stijn Vissers, Anna Sheretova, Norman Thomas, Didi Willems, John van Beek and Merel IJpelaar

Robin explains the Dash robot.

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