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A new development you say?

The JAM stack is one of the latest developments in front end, but what does this development entail? JAM stack stands for JavaScript, APIs and Markup (which is a headless CMS when it comes to JAM stack). This new method provides front end developers with a possibility to build a dynamic website, without having to involve back end development. By combining multiple services and APIs it’s possible to rapidly develop a complete website.

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It’s our ambition to get smarter every day and we wish to help our customers to get smarter every day as well. This is why we chose to use this new technology for our customer Huvaros. Huvaros wanted to have a clean and simple website which would be used for marketing purposes. Therefore, the website didn’t have to have too many components.
Important aspects for the website are that it loads rapidly and that the layout is clear. This is why using a JAM stack fits well for this situation. In our implementation for this customer we chose to use a stack that contains GatsbyJS as front end, Contentful as CMS and Microsoft Azure for hosting purposes. We wanted to statically generate the website and improve the performance in contrast to client side rendered websites, that’s why we chose for this stack combination. This way it’s possible to manage data with a CMS, but a website user doesn’t have to wait until all the JavaScript is loaded to view the website. React is used as a base, because React makes it easy to set up all the website’s components. GatsbyJS is used as a React plugin to be able to generate a static website.

JAM stack: faster and easier

This solution doesn’t involve back end development. This shortens the turnaround time for a project. The customer still has the opportunity to manage the website’s content without outside help. Using a JAM stack is an ideal option when the customer desires to have a fairly simple website online within a short timeframe. Do you want to know if a JAM stack is the way to go for the website you want to create? Contact Ronald to receive advice.

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