Creating a service blueprint

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Creating a service blueprint

UX helps to make the context clear for how an application or website is supposed to work. The optimization of the User Experience is possible by using a service blueprint. A service blueprint helps the organization gain insights about a service with all its components and actors. The blueprint is in the shape of a diagram and is based on the customer journey. It shows how a customer interacts with a service and how a customer experiences the service. The blueprint helps to make complex services clear and understandable. It offers support to work in a structured way to find points of improvement for the service or aspects where the application can reinforce the service.

The interaction between service and customer

The service blueprint’s advantage when it comes to developing a website or application is that it creates insights in the journey that needs to support the service. This way it shows at which point in the journey the application is relevant. It also shows which questions a customer can have in that particular moment and how the application can anticipate to those questions to enforce the application. The service blueprint maps out the service. It offers an overview which leads to a fitting solution for the application that supports the service. This way the criteria and goals that the application has to acquire are made clear.

Example of a service blueprint template

The service blueprint is used to find bottlenecks for customers within the service. These bottlenecks that are made clear in the service blueprint are processed into the application afterwards. The insights contribute to a better User Experience. The service blueprint clearly shows the relation between various actors that have a connection with the service.

Value of a service blueprint model

Team Experience helps to map out the service as a whole. This overview offers the context for an application or a website. It contributes a lot to the development of an application or website. A service blueprint offers insights and synthetizes all of the consumer’s interactions with a service.

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