Sustainable entrepreneurship: Iquality plants trees!

Iquality planting trees.

Doing business with social impact

Our CO2 footprint? We are right on top of that. At the last minute of the planting season, we created the beginning of the Iquality forest together with Stichting StukjeNatuur. With the planting of 1000 trees of different species in the autumn, we will be climate neutral over the year 2021. We are proud of that! We find it extremely important to look for opportunities that ensure that we can achieve our CSR ambitions and this is one of them.

Iquality planting trees.

Did you know...

The leaves of some trees can make the soil more acidic and therefore poorer in raw materials? Trees from the Iquality forest are therefore carefully chosen, with leaves that also contribute to the soil!

With more trees we make something beautiful together!

Every tree in a forest has a very important job. Trees extract CO2 from the air, capture it and convert it into oxygen. Therefore, trees slow down climate change. It is also the habitat of all kinds of animals, plants and flowers. From dandelions to insects, it is teeming with life.

On April 5, 2022, we were able to plant 4 pear-shaped rowan trees of 3 years old. The foundation Stukje Natuur, in collaboration with the Unie van Bosgroep, will ensure that our incipient forest will be expanded in a sustainable way later this year. For example, they will plant young trees in between the existing forest instead of cutting down part of it first. With this we really focus on improving the current situation of the forest. They do not only create a sustainable forest by means of underplanting, but they also avoid a monoculture. This means that as many different trees as possible are planted that can withstand the changing Dutch climate. This makes the forest more diverse, more resilient and more climate-proof. This is how we make something beautiful together!

About the foundation Stukje Natuur

Since 2018, nature lovers Dirk van Hout and William Oppo have been working on initiatives to make the Netherlands greener. Stimulating biodiversity, that's their main goal. That means more plants, flowers, insects and birds. In cooperation with the Unie van Bosgroepen, which gives them access and knowledge to 80 areas throughout the Netherlands, and FSC, which helps for sustainable management of forests, they have the goal to plant 3 million trees throughout the Netherlands.

Iquality plants trees.

A fair ending

As icing on the cake, after defying the rain and the hard work of our colleagues, we joined the coffee house and roastery Coffyn for a delicious fair trade lunch. We were served by employees who are at a distance from the job market. An honest lunch, served with great care!

Patrick Joosten

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