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Get Smarter Every Day in 2019

New digital possibilities arise every day. Each time they are more powerful and offer many new possibilities. In 2019 that will certainly not be different. Instead of exploring these possibilities, I would like to draw attention to something else: What are we going to do with these possibilities and how should we utilize them for human goals?

We believe that the human dimension deserves much more attention. It is not about giving software a human appearance, no, it is about software contributing to humane goals.

From "the old way of thinking" to "the new way of thinking"

The use of digital technology is aimed at improving the position of an organization: Making sure that you become faster, better, more accessible and smarter, but also that your position improves compared to "the others". That is the core of competition and market forces. Digital technology plays a major role in this.

Are we going to use these digital new possibilities with "the old way of thinking", or is it time for "the new way of thinking"? Sustainability of relationships with customers, suppliers, staff and society is central to "the new way of thinking". This includes a number of foundations: full respect for data privacy and identity, ensuring accessibility and structurally making your business model more sustainable.

We see it as our task to take the initiative ourselves.

John van Beek, Managing Partner Iquality

Take the initiative yourself

We see it as our task to also take the initiative to make technology accessible and applicable to our clients. That’s why we participate in various startups. We choose the subjects carefully when it comes to this.
Currently we are active with startups in the field of: self-sovereign identity, consent management, contents through chatbots and Shareholder Rights Directive compliance (SRD). 

Digital technology

The impact of digital technology is increasing, which is why we would like to collaborate intensively and, where possible, do business together. Being sustainable means to learn from each other every day, to experiment where necessary and to become increasingly skilled in the application of digital technology as a person and organization.

This is why we also opt for other forms of cooperation. We work with multidisciplinary (UX-DEV-OPS) self-managing teams that work closely with customers and partners. Our teams are increasingly growing towards a model that is focused on jointly achieving a certain outcome. It is our challenge to improve our teams and connect them firmly to the objectives of our clients.

We look forward to a "digital 2019" with a human face.

Contact photo John van Beek.


John van Beek

Want to know more about Iquality? Don't hesitate to contact John.

We get inspired by curious people

Our goal is for people to Get Smarter Every Day. 

John van Beek

Get Smarter Every Day

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