A Digital Experience Stack for Quantore

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Ready for the future

Market leader in office supplies Quantore wanted to take their corporate website to the next level in honor of their 100th anniversary. The outdated website no longer met the needs of the organization and its stakeholders.

We entered into a partnership and worked together to make Quantore.com future proof with a Digital Experience Stack.

Digital Experience Stack

With a Digital Experience Stack you do not choose a platform that only offers tools from the same supplier, but you put together your own stack.
A Digital Experience Stack makes it possible to build your own Experience Platform modularly with various tools and software.

The advantage of this is that you can choose which software you use. This gives you the freedom to make strategic choices about, for example, the costs of software or the use of a tool that you think best suits what you want to achieve. Is a tool or software outdated? Then you replace the relevant software and not the entire stack.
With a Digital Experience Stack you therefore have more freedom and you can switch faster to respond to changes in the market.

With a Digital Experience Stack you can switch quickly, because you can easily replace or add software to your application landscape.

The JAMstack

We developed the new Quantore website on the basis of the JAMstack principle. The JAMstack approach provides better security, less scaling costs and a better environment for the front-end developer. Ultimately, implementing based on the JAMstack means the following:

  • The developed application or website uses APIs for requesting data and content;
  • JavaScript is used;
  • The website can be generated statically, because the layout is developed in advance during implementation.

You can find more about this in our extensive blog article about the JAMstack.

Get Smarter Every Day

You can find more information about this at our thema page about the Digital Experience Stack. Here you’ll also find the whitepaper “Digital Experience Strategy: everything for an optimized customer experience” (note: the whitepaper is in Dutch).

The Digital Experience Stack for Quantore

Based on the JAMstack thought and the wishes of Quantore, we have compiled a Digital Experience Stack with Gatsby.js as framework, Contentful as CMS and made strong use of Microsoft Azure to ensure automatic build and deploys, sending form data, hosting from the website and so on.

Gatsby.js is a framework that works very well within the JAMstack philosophy. This framework generates the website statically. As a result, a visitor does not have to wait until all code is loaded on a server, making the website safer and faster.

To enhance freedom within a Digital Experience Stack, a headless CMS such as Contentful is a logical choice. The built-up front-end in Gatsby.js is then linked to the Contentful CMS in which the content is managed. We chose Contentful because we have worked with this CMS before and have had positive experiences. Contentful works quickly, clearly and securely (ISO-27001 compliant!). And in addition, the content can be used for various APIs.

Laptop Quantore website.

The results

The implementation of the Digital Experience Stack has been successful and the new Quantore website is live.
Floor van der Weiden, Marketing, Communication & Cooperation at Quantore, explains: “The collaboration with Iquality went smoothly. During the development of the website, the project team took all the time to support us and to implement our wishes. Iquality is knowledgeable and has been able to advise us well during the project. We switched quickly during the development phase and we are very happy with the final result.”

What's next?

Adding new features to the Quantore website works very well due to the stack concept. In the next phase of our collaboration, we will work on expanding the website with a search service.

Do you also want to get started with a Digital Experience Stack?

Do you want to know more about a Digital Experience Stack or do you need help with the implementation? We are happy to help you on your way. Contact us for an introduction.

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