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The guiding principle in our work is #GetSmarterEveryDay. We invest in courses, training and education – and thus in our employees and indirectly in our customers. We encourage our own initiatives so that you can learn even more and we make each other, and our customer, smarter.

Why? We attach great importance to sustainable and long-term relationships with our employees, freelancers and our customers. We achieve this by continuing to innovate, experimenting with new techniques, sharing knowledge and, above all, involving each other in this. You make yourself better, we make our teams better and together we make the customer better, win-win-win right?!

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Personal growth

At Iquality you get all the space you need to keep developing. What does your ideal project look like, are you going to specialize in something, are you going to go broad, what experience do you want to gain, what techniques are you going to learn or are you going to visit events? You give direction to your personal growth. You don't have to do all this alone. We facilitate the possibilities and create a transparent environment in which we share knowledge with each other, give each other feedback in a pleasant way and no question cannot be asked. Get Smarter Every Day Right?

knowledge sharing

How do we share present and acquired knowledge and experiences with each other? We do this within different guilds. Think of a Sitecore guild, front-end guild, ux guild, development guild or a DevOps guild. You and your colleagues are given time and space to actively participate in this. In this way we share knowledge with each other, we organize knowledge sessions, pitches, pizza sessions, we participate in interesting conferences and events, but above all we keep each other informed of the latest developments.

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We get inspired by curious people

Our goal is for people to Get Smarter Every Day. 

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Get Smarter Every Day

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