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My Damen

Solution-oriented innovation

As an organization, you want to ensure that both your employees and your customers are satisfied with the systems you use to support services or products. Applying the latest technologies and developments is an important part of this. By innovating solution-oriented, the delivery of products and services can be significantly improved. This also applies to Damen Shipyards.

Innovating instead of sticking patches

Damen Shipyards has several portals and subsites for their many services, making it difficult for customers to find the right environment and the right information. We looked into this problem together with Damen Shipyards. We solved this with a glance at the future: the brand new My Damen platform and the Damen login portal have been live since last week!

Different login methods for My Damen

Various login options have been chosen to log in to My Damen, to facilitate customers even more. For example, the customer can create an account with an e-mail address, but also use social media accounts to log in. The Damen login account is structured in such a way that it will be easy to use as one central login platform in the future.

My Damen: very functional and user-friendly!

Previously there was the Damen Services Portal where clients could request information about their vessels, order parts and submit warranty requests. Over time, this portal was unclear and therefore became user-unfriendly. The new platform has solved those problems. Our UX team designed My Damen in such a way that it serves as one clear and well-organized platform. The generic "My" environment also offers the possibility to support more customer interaction online from the entire life cycle of a vessel.

Even more functionalities

In addition to the general improvements that the new platform contains, there are also a number of important functionalities that ensure that My Damen remains user-friendly in the future. For example, it was important that the platform can be used on a mobile phone to increase accessibility. That’s why our UX team has realized a responsive and simplified design. In addition, an important and very useful change is the addition of a powerful search option, which increases the user-friendliness even more.

Using the right technology

The My Damen platform has a generic approach and an open character. Therefore, expanding to multiple services is no problem. In addition, we have deliberately opted for the use of tooling that can provide added value for Damen Shipyards. For example, Sitecore is used for managing the content and building up the personalized pages. The IdentityServer4 framework has been used to develop a standards-based authentication module. Finally, the specific business data (such as vessel and customer data) is accessed through a WEB API service layer. In this way My Damen is ready for the future and there is the possibility to use the platform itself more broadly as well as the login module!

How did we accomplish this?

Thanks to our multidisciplinary, self-managing teams, it is possible to design, develop and maintain new concepts for our customers. This means that the entire process from UX to development takes place within one team. Teams work intensively with a customer, so that a team has all the know-how of the work field and the organization of the customer. It also works vice versa: a customer knows exactly who is working on their products and the customer is able to build a relationship of trust with the team members.

Our colleague Rob Vogelsangs would gladly tell you about all the collaboration possibilities with Iquality. Do not hesitate to contact Rob for more information or an introductory meeting!

Colleague Ronald Nieuwenhuis.

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Ronald Nieuwenhuis was intensively involved in all developments. He can tell you all about this with great enthusiasm. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact him.

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