Step by step digital innovation

Damen Dopshop

Step by step digital innovation

Damen Shipyards has the desire to develop digitally and to experiment with new e-commerce concepts. This is a quite complicated matter for such a big player as Damen Shipyards, because there is a lot involved when you want to sell complex and high-quality technical products online. How do you come to new insights when you’re in the middle of your operation that’s been going on for years? How do you even start innovating? How do you initiate projects when there aren’t any clear examples available? External help may be a precondition to properly solve these questions.

Iquality Labs

Iquality offers the possibility to start a Lab with one of our multidisciplinary teams. A Lab ensures a collaboration that makes it possible to develop an idea in the simplest form and test the end result. A Lab isn’t time consuming and can even be used with a small available budget. Our multidisciplinary teams work out the idea alongside the customer, from UX to development and from content to marketing.

Damen Dopshop Development

Damen Shipyards had the desire to develop a self-contained e-shop together with Iquality, which turned out to be the Damen Dopshop. Because of the Lab, the e-shop is developed in a way that it can be easily tested and can be upscaled by expanding and integrating systems in the future. By using our knowhow and expertise, we researched the possibilities that matched the demand of Damen Shipyards and their available budget. We chose to use a standardized e-commerce framework that we adjusted to the desires of Damen Shipyards. For instance, we had intensive contact with DHL with reference to calculating the shipping costs. This was needed, because Damen Shipyards sells very specific and high-quality technical products on a business to business level. The products also bring along logistical problems, because of their weight. It’s difficult to determine how the world-wide shipment will take place and how much the shipment will cost. Together with DHL we created a link to determine the DHL shipment costs. We also created an integration with a payment provider (Adyen) to carry out the online payment. In the end we also made sure that the hosting would be adequate. Therefore, we chose the Microsoft Azure Platform. We used various services that Microsoft has to offer, for instance: SQL Azure database, web app technology and Application Insights.

Thanks to the Microsoft Azure services we were able to primarily focus on developing the software without having to worry about infrastructural preconditions. This was exactly what we were looking for with this project.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis

Team as a Service

When a Lab proves to be successful, an organization can opt for developing the concept more intensively with the team that carried out the project. This way a Lab can grow out to be a true digital evolvement and by using Iquality's Team as a Service structure it can grow out to be a successful innovation. What’s great about Team as a Service is that the teams really know the customer. Specific technical knowledge about the products or services don’t have to be explained over and over again and the teams know what the customer desires. A sustainable collaboration ensures more qualitative end results and it saves time and money.

Because of the intensive relation we have had with Damen Shipyards for years now, we were able to offer a solution that exactly matched their needs.

Ronald Nieuwenhuis

Get Smarter Every Day

Damen Shipyards has set its first steps within its growth process in e-commerce by working together with Iquality in a Lab. A Lab makes testing an innovative idea possible and on completion it’s also possible to really evolve an organization. Do you also have an innovative idea for your organization and do you want to know how we can implement this in a Lab? Contact Rob for more information.

Contact photo John van Beek.

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