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A new platform for LeasePlan

Last May, LeasePlan’s new corporate website was launched. A new design was developed for the website, initiated by the new LeasePlan branding. is intended to provide information to investors and the press. Furthermore, a nationwide marketing campaign was launched to promote the new LeasePlan identity. LeasePlan chose to develop its new website based on the content management system Sitecore. Iquality served as the implementation partner during this project.

Sitecore and design implementation

Iquality took care of the implementation of the Sitecore platform as well as the implementation of the new design and branding. Our Sitecore experts worked according to the Scrum project method together with front-end developers and designers from an external party on location in Amsterdam.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing

Nowadays, cloud computing is very popular. In fact, it is also a very good match for a Sitecore platform. Sitecore itself completely focuses on Azure in version 8 and the recently released version 9. However, this does not mean that a Sitecore platform can’t also run perfectly within the Amazon Cloud (AWS). Unlike Azure, Amazon does not support Sitecore as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model. Therefore, within Amazon, we do not use a PaaS model but an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model. LeasePlan strategically chose Amazon as cloud platform for their websites.

Just like Azure, Sitecore must also be deployed within Amazon. For LeasePlan’s new corporate website, Ronald Nieuwenhuis, Sitecore Developer at Iquality, collaborated closely with the infrastructure specialists of LeasePlan Information Services (LPIS). This was necessary to quickly build the corporate Sitecore platform within the Amazon cloud. To achieve this, Ronald built a Sitecore environment through provisioning scripts specifically designed for LeasePlan.

Content migration and training

In addition to the Sitecore implementation, all existing content of the "old" website had to be migrated to the new content management system. Generally, this content could be copied from A to B unchanged, but sometimes adjustments were necessary. Iquality hosted training sessions twice since LeasePlan's content managers had to learn how to work with Sitecore. At the moment, Iquality and LeasePlan still work together to further develop the Sitecore platform.

Sitecore and Amazon Cloud

Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Ronald Nieuwenhuis
Sitecore Developer

We chose to separate the acceptance and production environment and equip them with a load balancer and a separate content management and content delivery. The purpose was and still is to build a platform that is ready for the future, so that more sites can be hosted in this platform in the future. Additionally, hardening has been applied to this environment so it is optimally secure. I worked closely with the security officers within LeasePlan to ensure this. Eventually, the Sitecore Amazon environment was extensively tested for security issues by a specialized agency (ITSec).

Colleague Ronald Nieuwenhuis.

Hosting your Sitecore website in Amazon

Ask Ronald

Ronald Nieuwenhuis was intensively involved in the development of LeasePlan's corporate website. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact him.

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