Fast and secure customer onboarding for LeasePlan Bank

Onboarding LeasePlan Bank.

Iquality, Onfido and LeasePlan Bank are joining forces

How do we build a bank that’s 100% online, but that feels like an in-person experience for our customers? That’s the question that LeasePlan Bank has set out to answer. They’re a branchless bank, operating solely through their LeasePlan Bank website and Savings app.

By reducing internal costs associated with branches , they can offer their customers attractive savings interest. As part of their approach, LeasePlan Bank is pursuing the best-in-class in technology and UX. It’s a mission shared by Iquality and Onfido, specialist in identity verification. We’ve teamed up to power onboarding for LeasePlan Bank’s online Savings experience.

Key figures onboarding.

The challenge of UX, compliance and technology

Founded in 2010, LeasePlan Bank is building an online banking experience that competes with and exceeds the status quo set by branches. With their new approach to banking, LeasePlan Bank has to balance needs from user experience, through to regulation, through to making it all technically possible.

Fundamentally, LeasePlan Bank is measured on growth of their customer base. They need a seamless registration that can compete with emerging digital challenger banks, where ease of use is as important as interest rates. Equally, LeasePlan Bank must remain compliant with local regulation. With AML and KYC coming under the microscope as financial services move online, the team knows they must onboard new users in a compliant way. Competing banks would routinely approach this with a journey to a physical bank branch. As a licensed entity under the European Central Bank, LeasePlan Bank wants to let the right customers in remotely, going above and beyond today’s regulation.

So how does an emerging online bank tackle technology, regulation, and UX to cut through the market? That’s where Iquality and Onfido come in.

Joining forces with Onfido and Iquality has led to enormous improvements for LeasePlan Bank.

Sander Frons, Director at LeasePlan Bank

The collaboration with Onfido

LeasePlan Bank turned to Onfido for their best-in-class online document verification, and to Iquality for our extensive expertise in engineering, UX and implementation within LeasePlan Bank's architecture.

During the integration, Iquality and Onfido worked together to provide seamless customer onboarding. In just two months we achieved a successful and production-ready experience.

Onboarding ID check.

Promising results

For LeasePlan Bank, their goal comes down to two things: creating an online compliant banking experience, while fuelling business growth.

Our team built an experience that puts the customer in control. During onboarding, customers get a checklist of everything they need to create a savings account. For the Document Verification part, powered by Onfido, they simply take a photo of their ID using their smartphone.

Driven by a Document-first approach to verifying customer identities, LeasePlan Bank is confident in their AML and KYC processes. LeasePlan is now automating over 50% of their onboarding process, translating to better interest rates for customers. Document-first onboarding also enables LeasePlan Bank to better manage their own systems. LeasePlan can now also extract data from IDs and populate their internal banking records with cleaner, more accurate data.

All of this translates to a better customer experience. LeasePlan Bank can now approve customers online with in-branch confidence in 6 minutes! In the future, Iquality and Onfido will continue working together to evolve LeasePlan Bank’s onboarding to improve on UX and compliance.

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