A future-proof app for LeasePlan Bank

LeasePlan Bank App.

A sustainable collaboration to innovate digitally

LeasePlan Bank wants to make online savings as fun as possible for their customers. They do this, among other things, by using attractive savings methods and user-friendly tools. The latter ensures that the bank regularly implements (digital) innovations to guarantee the user-friendliness of the service.

Within our sustainable cooperation with LeasePlan Bank, we have regularly been able to contribute to the innovations that have been developed at the online savings bank. For example, in 2019 we helped bring the entire banking system to the cloud. After this major digital transformation, it was time to take the LeasePlan Bank banking app to a higher level together.

Faten Zaghloul, Head of Marketing at LeasePlan Bank, says: “We have a close collaboration and have almost daily contact about our digital solutions. Whether this is about the performance of these solutions or about the planning for development. The people in the Iquality LeasePlan Bank team are very involved.”

Two key factors: safety and convenience

Convenience and security are two extremely important factors for a banking app. For a customer-oriented organization such as LeasePlan Bank, the greatest wish was to improve the convenience of the app and also to use the app as safely as possible. Moreover, it was important that the app could be expanded in the future with extra functionalities and thus create a future-proof application.

Faten explains: “LeasePlan Bank's first Savings App was launched in 2016. Except for an adjustment in the design, there has not been a major update. The desire to further expand the app was growing, so we decided to rebuild the app. This was necessary to create a future-proof foundation. One of the most important wishes of our customers was to be able to log in with a pin code, or with fingerprint or face recognition. That's the first thing we picked up on. ”

LeasePlan Bank App.

The new banking app

Customers of LeasePlan Bank can already make use of the app. The first step you have to take to use the app is to register the device at the first use. This is done on the basis of two-factor verification in order to offer optimal security. You can then choose to log in with a pin code, fingerprint or face recognition.

Once you are logged in you can view your savings account, transfer money and open a deposit.

User Experience (UX) as  an important pillar

LeasePlan Bank's new app has optimized overviews and interactions for opening deposits and transferring money. This was done within a UX process prior to the development of the app.

Eldin Medanhodžić, UX Designer at Iquality, explains: “A UX session was held in advance with LeasePlan Bank. This way we were able to map everything out in a flowchart for the first phase and the phases that will follow. In the following phases, new features will be developed to help customers even better. ”

During the development of the app, customers were able to test a prototype. Based on the results of these tests, the interactions have been further optimized to the needs of the customer. This way UX has been continuously involved in the process.

LeasePlan Bank App.

Future proof technology

The new app is built in React Native. This is a framework that enables cross platform app development. Roy Vousten, software engineer at Iquality, explains: “React Native has a healthy ecosystem. The community around it is very large, so a lot of tooling and documentation is available. React Native also supports codepush, making it possible to perform (minor) updates to the app without running a completely new release."

In addition, we use Visual Studio App Center with which we can build, test and publish the app in one place. Roy says: “Visual Studio App Center offers us extensive possibilities. For example, we have added the software development kit to our app, which gives us a good overview of the use of the app and, for example, an overview of any crashes. "

The app has been rebuilt from scratch. We have also used the latest technologies. This makes it easier to add new features to the app in the future. This has been taken into account in both design and technology.

The fact that the app is future proof is in line with LeasePlan Bank's vision for the app. Faten explains: “We want to continue with the app and have received a lot of input from our customers about what they expect from the app. We want the app to offer at least the same functionalities as the online banking environment. In the future, we also want it to be possible to apply for a savings account via the app. ”

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