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Founded in 1971 and active across Europe, CED helps their clients handle major claims or calamities by providing expertise and innovative technology solutions. The CED website provides insight into specialist knowledge, in which sectors they are active and offers the possibility to perform various tasks such as requesting valuations and filling in forms. CED takes a first step towards further digital growth and launches a first website for their brand EMN, they offer specialist knowledge for complex claims handling, on a newly built digital experience platform (DXP).

Continue to grow digitally

The structure of the previous website, based on a monolithic system, and the layout of the content management system were outdated. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to grow along with CED's ambitions on a digital level. There was a need for a modern, user-friendly and future-proof platform that reflects the right proposition of CED.

When developing the new platform, we opted for a composable architecture. As the central point of the platform, we have chosen Headless CMS DatoCMS. By opting for a disconnected front- and backend, we create a lot of freedom to implement a UX design that matches CED's house style. 

A design system as a basis

CED and its labels have in-house specialist knowledge within various sectors. The desire was therefore to create an universal experience that's recognizable even when you're on the website of one of the other brands.

In order to create and maintain this consistency within the UX design in the future, we have drawn up a design system based on CED's house style. A design system is, as it were, a collection of reusable generic components. It serves as a documentation that can be used as a guide by everyone in the further process. A major advantage of this approach is that our UX designers can test digital accessibility at an early stage and adjust where necessary. In addition, because we use a component-driven approach, we can build templates relatively quickly. In the future, it will therefore be quite easy to quickly create new experiences and add them to the platform.

Wessel van Wijk, UX designer at Iquality, says: “By investing time in a good foundation in the form of a design system, we achieve a consistent user experience. In addition, we provide a piece of documentation for the various stakeholders. It also prevents us from having to reinvent the wheel when developing a new experience.” 

We are a recognized partner of DatoCMS!

We are proud to be a partner of the user-friendly, secure and powerful headless content management system DatoCMS.

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Design systems EMN.

A future-proof platform

To build a platform that can grow in the future, we have chosen to build a digital landscape based on a composable architecture. Because the frontend is disconnected from the backend, we not only have freedom in implementing the design, but it also offers the possibility to compose a digital landscape with modern, integrated and user friendly best-of-breed solutions. We have chosen Headless CMS 'DatoCMS' as the central point of the platform. A CMS that is easy to operate without extensive user training.

Rikkert Rietbergen, Head of Marketing & Communication at CED Europe, says: “The new platform put together by Iquality is a real upgrade compared to our previous solution. The headless architecture offers us a lot of flexibility, and DatoCMS is also very intuitive and user-friendly.” 

The headless architecture offers a lot of flexibility, DatoCMS is very intuitive and user-friendly.

Rikkert Rietbergen, Head of Marketing & Communication at CED Europe

Implementation of the EMN brand

The EMN brand was the first to be implemented within the new platform. They have an extensive team of specialist experts who focus on providing assistance to companies around the world. The EMN website provides, among other things, an overview of all experts that can be approached by customers. To easily find an expert, suitable within a specific discipline or expertise.

Wessel van Wijk, says: “When designing the user experience, we paid a lot of attention to the different target groups. By adding a smart search function, it becomes easier for the various target groups to find relevant information, so that they can ultimately find their way around the website more easily and quickly.”

EMN web.

The next step

Choosing a Digital Experience Platform creates the freedom to build a Customer Experience that seamlessly and fully meets all the wishes and requirements of CED. This platform is also a good basis for new online initiatives, which is why CED's ambition don't stop there. More to come soon! 

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