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Working and communicating faster with Team as a Service

When you start a project, many aspects are involved that need to be arranged. Drafting a project plan, requesting budget and assembling a team; these are time consuming issues. Valuable time and knowledge will be lost, which may result in your company falling behind on the competition, since you are not able to continuously innovate your products and services. By using Team as a Service (TAAS) combined with the Agile method, Athlon is able to react to internal and external changes much faster. This brings their website,, in a flow of continuous improvement and innovation.

Continuous innovation

Athlon was in need of continuous innovation and was therefore seeking a sparring partner, helping throughout the whole process. This is why they use Team as a Service (TAAS). Joost van Aalten, eBusiness Advisor at Athlon: “in Iquality we found the sparring partner we were looking for. The employees of Iquality are easily reached via Skype, by phone or email, this enables us to think together about changes on the website and are able to speed up the process.”

More control over the process

By using the Agile method, it is possible to work in sprints and implement changes quickly. As Joost has access to the backlog, he is able to submit requirements and change requests. Joost: “Therefore, I have much more control over the whole process, since I know exactly which requests are pending and which of those are going to be implemented in the next release.” As a result, Athlon is able to continuously improve and innovate their website.

I experience working with Iquality, and TAAS in particular, as extremely pleasant. The multidisciplinary team shows a lot of expertise, ask their client the right questions, they are fast and efficient problem solvers and are great to work with.

Joost van Aalten, e-Business Advisor at Athlon

Informed about all developments

With Team as a Service (TAAS), Athlon doesn’t have to worry that knowledge that has been gained throughout the project will be lost; the company has its own team within Iquality who all know Athlon and their products and services very well. With a traditional project approach, a project team has to be assembled every time a new project starts. This team has to gain knowledge about their client, thus losing valuable time. Joost: “Everyone in the team is aware of the developments and because of this, they are able to act much faster. The budget is predetermined and because Athlon doesn’t have to hire a full-time team, they are able to spend their budget more efficiently. Joost: “You get more out of the invested money; in the six months that Iquality has worked on the website, four releases have been implemented. The usability of our website has improved, since bugs are resolved quicker and adjustments can be implemented faster.”

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