Online tool automates the sales process

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Online tool automates the process

Together with eFocus and DLL, Iquality created the website for dealers of company resources that also want to offer their customers a lease solution. Thanks to the online tool on the website, the dealers can immediately show their customers the lease price in the showroom or on location, adjusted to purchase value, run-time, payment and residual value. The tool was developed within eighteen weeks by means of the Scrum method.

From telephone to online

Until recently, the communication between the dealers and DLL fully took place via telephone and email. Was a customer of a dealer interested in leasing a company resource? Then the dealer would send an email to DLL with the request. Or he called DLL. Sales support of DLL would then indicate the lease price and conditions via email or telephone. Dealers wanted to be able to calculate the lease price themselves, quickly and easily, and to make lease requests without calling or emailing back and forth all the time. In order to assist the dealers, DLL decided to develop a website with an online tool.

An immediate lease offer

Together with eFocus and DLL, Iquality developed a point of sales tool for dealers. The website has been live since 31 March 2016. The website is compatible with PC, laptop, tablet and mobile. Iquality provided the Front-end Development on the Sitecore Platform, which included a link to the interface of the Chamber of Commerce. Christian Haverkamp was involved in the project on behalf of Iquality. “A dealer can now log on in his showroom or on location and immediately show the customer the lease options. The dealer chooses a company resource from the data base and fills in the purchase value. Subsequently, a lease price per month will automatically be generated thanks to the link with the DLL database. By playing with variables such as run-time, deposit and residual value, the dealer can adjust the lease offer to the customer's wishes.

Make sure you have an empowered product owner who actively participates in the project.

Sasja Appels, Segment Marketer Lease / product owner scrum agile DLL

Made with Scrum

The tool and website were completely developed with the Scrum method. “On time and within the budget," Christian says. "So, no extensions, lists with bugs, test problems or planning problems. With Scrum, you stick to the end date, just like the number of people you work with. This forces you to choose between the functionalities you develop. And because user-ready parts are delivered in development sprints of several weeks, you get an idea of the end result after a few weeks. This gives a lot of energy. And we could already provide demos in an early stage to a wide group of stakeholders. The feedback we received for these demos was very useful for the next sprints.”

Constantly focus on what is important for the minimum viable product (MVP). This increases the quality and ensures that you can deliver the product on time. You can subsequently refine the product with the established momentum and enthusiasm.

Sasja Appels, Segment Marketer Lease / product owner scrum agile DLL

User Stories as Starting Point

The project included a total of nine sprints of two weeks. After each sprint, multiple user stories were completed. Think of 'selecting a company resource' or 'stating a residual value', for instance. These user stories had been composed by DLL in advance, on the basis of interviews with dealers and private research. Christian is very enthusiastic about this way of working. "Scrum forces you to develop the most important aspects first. Anything that's not important now, is excluded, at least for the time being. This means that there is a clear why for every button and every function in the tool and website. Everything supports one or more user stories."

Up to phase 2

The second phase includes a number of interesting expansions. Currently, the actual completion (drawing and sending) of the lease contract still occurs via email. The goal for the future is that the dealer and his customer will also be able to take care of this within the online tool. Furthermore, we will also develop a widget that the dealer can place on his website. This allows customers to calculate the lease price on the website as well immediately request a quotation. Moreover, the idea is that dealers who want to collaborate with DLL can register online. Currently, someone from DLL still has to visit the dealer for the intake; but this too will shift to an online environment via

Tips for a better online experience

Sasja Appels, DLL
Sasja Appels, DLL
Segment Marketer Lease / product owner scrum agile

Sasja Appels is involved in Dealer Lease on behalf of DLL. She is happy to share several tips for organisations that seek to offer their customers more online services.

Spend sufficient time on researching the needs of customers and prospects. That's how you develop a website that actually adds value. Continue to involve both your customers and prospects during the process. And make sure the project team has a multidisciplinary composition. By involving everyone at an early stage, the connection with the existing organisation is simplified.

Team lead Christian Haverkamp.

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Christian Haverkamp was intensively involved in all developments. He can tell you all about it with great enthusiasm. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact him.

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