Graduation internship (HBO/WO) ICT (Front-end development)

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More than just graduating...

Are you working on a HBO or WO education in the direction of ICT and Media / Informatics / Software Engineering / CMD and do you want to be sure that you graduate at the level that suits you? If you are eager and you'd want to make your graduation the first step in your career, come and meet us!

At Iquality you end up in an organization with a real technical culture: freedom, autonomy, responsibility and plenty of room for your ideas to solve unusual challenges. This is also how we organize our graduation internships, of course taking into account all the requirements set by your study programme. We have years of experience with graduates, so we know exactly what you need to be able to graduate.

Attention: this job requires you to be fluent in Dutch, both written and spoken.

Graduated, then what?

The graduation period at Iquality is the best way for you to show what you have to offer. It is also the way for you to determine if Iquality is an employer where you would like to start your career. And it is the way for us to experience whether you could become part of our great team. Win-win-win right?


  • follow a HBO or WO education in the direction of ICT (Software Development) or CMD;
  • are looking for an assignment in the direction of front-end development;
  • are interested in new technologies;
  • enjoy learning something new every day (Get Smarter Every Day!);
  • like to think along about the interpretation of your own assignment;
  • you live in the Nijmegen / Arnhem / Den Bosch / Eindhoven region;
  • have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Graduation towards front-end development

During the first conversations, we will try to find out together where your interests lie and how we can formulate a graduation assignment together. We think it is important that you feel comfortable with the subject and that you enjoy what you do. If you want to get started with React/React Native, even if you don't have the necessary experience yet, we have various assignments. Do you want a subject that has added value to society or would you prefer an assignment in a complex banking environment? Do you want to build an app or would you rather help build a portal? We ask a lot of questions in this conversation, so that we can form a picture of where your interest lies, but also where your interest lies not. After the interview, you will receive a possible graduation assignment from us by email.

Are you excited? Then it is up to you to fine-tune this, after which you submit it to your study programme.

Possible internship assignments and techniques

An example of a possible internship assignment is the development of a portal, chatbot or other application, in which you research the possibilities and make an inventory of requirements prior to the development. Another example is developing an app or working on security and other aspects. We will of course ensure that the assignments meet the requirements of your study programme!

Techniques commonly used in our graduation projects include:

  • Azure (platform, database, functions, etc.)
  • ReactJS / React Native / VueJS / etc.
  • Javascript / typescript
  • Microservices/Micro frontends
  • Containers / Kubernetes
  • .NET Core

At Iquality they take the time for graduations, you are personally supervised and you work on an assignment that matches your interests.

Sven van Beek, graduate (HAN, Software Development) at Iquality

Graduation period in the area of Nijmegen/Eindhove

During your graduation period, we work according to the SCRUM methodology. We use sprints of 14 days. You fill in the backlog, you are part of our stand-ups and we close the sprint with a retrospective. In this way we continuously evaluate together how your graduation is going, whether the level is too low or too high and how we are going to start the next sprint. In this way you determine whether you graduate with a 6 or with a 9 and to what extent you want to be challenged.

We therefore give you every opportunity to develop further. We believe that this is possible with the right guidance and cooperation. Moreover, we are a close-knit group of colleagues who help each other grow, both in terms of content and on a personal level. As students you also learn from each other because we try to have a group of 6-8 graduates participate in our organization every six months.

In the beginning i'ts always exciting what kind of corporate culture you will end up in, but at Iquality you are welcomed with open arms. What I like is the openness, the cozy atmosphere, but also the professional work. Employees motivate me to take on challenges and to develop myself.

Mike Labots, graduate (HAN, CMD) at Iquality

What we offer you

We offer you an exciting and promising internship in an informal atmosphere with intensive supervision. You can count on a nice team and an internship allowance. Within Iquality there is sufficient room for further development during and after your graduation. And not unimportantly, our offices are located in the most beautiful locations in Nijmegen and Eindhoven, in Nijmegen in the impressive building '52' on Jonkerbosplein on the Novio Tech Campus. The office is a very short walk from Nijmegen Goffert station and several buses stop in front of the door. The office is also easily accessible by car and bicycle. In Eindhoven we are located in a national monument and landmark for every visitor to the city, the Light Tower (Igluu). In the heptagonal building we have a nice place where colleagues can come together. Our office is located 250 meters from Eindhoven Central Station. Do you prefer to work from home? That is of course also possible.

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