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Want to look out over all of Nijmegen? It's possible at Iquality. In a building of 86 meters high, our office is located on the 10th floor of 52Nijmegen (which has 18 floors in total), on the Novio Tech Campus. High enough to have a beautiful view over the city. The openness of the building continues in our workspace. We don't have small cubicles or separate offices, but wide and open work places.

Contact details

Jonkerbosplein 52

6534 AB Nijmegen

Direct contact
+31 (0)85 080 2300


Our office in Nijmegen is easily accessible. Do you visit 52Nijmegen by car? There's a parking in the garage of the building, there's always a spot open for you. Do you travel by public transport? No problem, it's just a 5 minute walk from train station Nijmegen Goffert.

Did you know...

The 52Nijmegen building has a special angle of 10 degrees. Francine Houben and Francesco Veenstra designed it this way as a welcoming gesture. It's a warm welcome. 

Our office is located on the 10th floor of the 52Nijmegen building, so we enjoy a really nice view. 

Rob Vogelsangs, Team Lead Business Development at Iquality
Building Iquality Nijmegen

Welcome to Nijmegen!

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John van Beek

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