DuboWijzer helps to make civil works projects more sustainable

Road through forrest - sustainability

The challenge of sustainability within the civil works sector

Within the civil works sector, processes and materials that are harmful to the environment are used. These processes and materials also have a large CO2 emission. For example, the cement needed for concrete is responsible for 5% of the man-made CO2 emissions. Within the sector, therefore, more and more attention is paid to the sustainable design and construction of bridges, roads, dikes, locks, etc.

A challenge in introducing the sustainability factor is to match the specific sustainability performance within a building project. The client (often the government) and contractors (consultancy firms and construction contractors) must implement the chosen sustainability framework together. By specifically naming the sustainability goals and performance requirements, agreements can be made about (innovative) measures in the projects.

Royal HaskoningDHV creates DuboWijzer in collaboration with Iquality

In order to support this process between the client and the contractor, Royal HaskoningDHV initiated the development of the DuboWijzer (sustainable building guide). Royal HaskoningDHV asked Iquality to take care of the interaction design, visual design and engineering of the application. Royal HaskoningDHV is an expert in the field of sustainability within the civil works sector. The DuboWijzer, the interactive online application, makes the container term sustainability specific for civil works projects. The application works on devices with a touchscreen. The attractive interactive interface is the base wherefrom the goals, performance requirements and practical examples can be shown for the various sustainability themes in the underlying database. Using the DuboWijzer, goal-oriented agreements are made about sustainability performance in projects, so that the impact of these agreements is clear to all parties.

Contributing to the realization of the tool is fully in line with the focus of our company, together with customers and partners, to explicitly focus on digital solutions and data to convert insights into prospects. In Iquality I have found an experienced cooperation partner who has proven to be able to empathize with my work field. Iquality has converted my question into the latest developments and functionality of the application.

Peter Gosselink, Sustainability Advisor and Product Owner DuboWijzer at Royal HaskoningDHV

Sustainability first

Iquality is CSR-certified and therefore considers doing business sustainability and carbon-neutral to be of great importance. That is why we are proud of this collaboration with Royal HaskoningDHV. This way Get Smarter Every Day also contributes to a better world!

Do you also want a digital innovation partner to improve your sustainability or other objectives? Contact us for more information or an introductory meeting.

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