Audio and video reports integrated on

PNB AV case

Iquality integrated a visual and functional media player on This media player allows employees to view and listen to the audio and video records of the meetings of the States-Provincial, including all the agenda items, the relevant meeting documents, and information about the speaker, all on one page:

No more switching between websites

Until recently, people who wanted to watch or listen to a stream, vod- or podcast of the States-Provincial of the Province of North-Brabant had to use a different platform, apart from the province's website. Which meant that people who wanted to view the meetings, had to switch between two websites: one for video and the other for the agenda and meeting documents. Therefore, the Province of North-Brabant, asked Iquality to integrate the video and audio content into their own website.

Integrated into one site

Iquality integrated the media player, which shows the streams together with other relevant information about the meetings on one page. Andries Bosma, Software and Sitecore Developer at Iquality: "The streams have become a part of It is about visual elements, but also about functional aspects. For example, the meeting topics and associated information have become part of the search functionality of the entire site."


Erik Pot, Project Manager at Province of North Brabant:

"I have experienced working with Iquality as very pleasant. Partly because of the knowledge of working with the Agile method. This has helped greatly in introducing Agile into the team. The openness and transparency of Iquality's team have certainly contributed to the success of the project."

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Responsive intranet for the Province of North Brabant

For the Province of North Brabant, Iquality developed a responsive version of the intranet. This allows employees to use the intranet on every device. Furthermore, this new intranet has a modular structure.

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Multiple flow of information brought together

For the integration of video and audio transcripts, multiple information streams had to be linked together. Andries: "The stream from the meeting room comes with metadata through the Connected Views environment of Arbor Media. There we add agenda items and documents. This information comes from Corsa, the registration and archive system of the province. The photos and short biography of the speakers will then be released from the county's key registration."

Ease of use

For visitors of, it is now much easier to retrieve background information when viewing or listening to a stream. Andries: “The media player shows a list of meetings. When people click on particular clip of the video, they automatically see the item that is being discussed and the associated documents. They also see a picture of the speaker right away. Moreover, this also works the other way around. When people click on an item point, the stream automatically switches to the right passage. You can also search when certain people have spoken during the meeting, and share those fragments via social media."

Picture by Wim Hollemans

Colleague Ronald Nieuwenhuis.

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