A new online bank environment

Animation of the Netherlands and Germany

Iquality developed a completely new bank environment.

It was a bold move. In 2010, when the financial crisis had reached its peak, car lease company LeasePlan Corporation dared to start an online savings bank: LeasePlan Bank. A completely new market that they had no experience with. It was therefore decided to outsource the creation and management of the accompanying IT environment. Henk-Jan Flierman, CIO at LeasePlan Bank: "We were looking to be completely care-free in the field of IT. For us, this meant trusting experts who had done this job before." The end result is a completely renewed online bank environment, where customers can do business with LeasePlan Bank in an interactive way.

About LeasePlan Bank

LeasePlan Bank is an Internet savings bank and part of LeasePlan Corporation: a car lease agency with over 1.3 million lease cars in management worldwide. LeasePlan Bank focuses on the Dutch and German market and currently has 150,000 savers and approximately 5 billion online savings. These savings are invested in the flees of vehicles of LeasePlan Corporation.

Renewing the front-office

“We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to arrange their banking matters themselves. In modern times, this means from your home, lying on the couch with an iPad," Flierman says. "In order to respond to this demand, our front-office had to be completely renewed. Our websites had to be responsive. First, our Dutch corporate website was overhauled. Another website then followed, where new customers could open a savings account. Subsequently, the online banking environment for existing customers was created. Finally, all these websites were also translated for the German market. A sizable and extensive project, for which we trusted the expertise of various parties, such as Iquality, FiveDegrees and Schuberg Philis. Iquality has taken care of the entire front-end side of our end customers. For this purpose, they've realised all connections and interfaces with our mid- and back office. Perhaps a technically complex story, but that's exactly where their strength lies.” 

Flexible system

"One underlying Content Management System was chosen for all online environments: Sitecore. Chris Haring, Marketing Manager at LeasePlan Bank: "Sitecore is a very flexible system, one that we can easily use to manage our online bank environment. We can now adapt our content in all environments and determine per country what we wish to show. Without this requiring an extensive IT management project. This flexibility is a major advantage. Especially because we want to be led by what is important to our customers!”

LeasePlan Bank tablet
  • LeasePlan Bank website example on tablet

Look at your customer's behaviour and respond to it. Don't run away from new technologies, but embrace them. And work with IT partners who have the knowledge and know-how of these technologies.

Chris Haring, Marketing Manager at LeasePlan Bank

Well prepared

"With the new online bank environment, LeasePlan Bank is well prepared for the future. Haring: “With Sitecore, we now have a flexible environment we can use to quickly respond to the changing market. Think of new technological developments or new requirements with regard to legislation and regulations. A final tip for other companies? Look at your customer's behaviour and respond to it. Don't run away from new technologies, but embrace them. And work with IT partners who have the knowledge and know-how of these technologies, so you can apply them in a smart way.”

Invest in each other

Henk Jan Flierman
Henk Jan Flierman
ICT Manager, LeasePlan Bank

Henk Jan looks back on a successful collaboration: "The collaboration with multiple parties could be quite a challenge. Every party has its own approach and view of the matters at hand. My advice is to take the time beforehand to become familiar with each other's methods, before actually starting the work. If you do this, you will profit from it throughout the entire project and this will result in great co-creation!"

Colleague Ronald Nieuwenhuis.

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