Intelligent content creates a personal visitor's experience

De Baak training and knowledge institute

Personal visitor experience thanks to intelligent content

We have put de Baak in the spotlight with a renewed website! Read here how we developed new components and optimized existing components based on a usability test.

As a people-oriented organisation, de Baak wanted a website that suited this vision. The goal was to improve service and experience level for users. And that was accomplished! In collaboration with Iquality, a responsive website was created, where intelligent content creates a personal visitor's experience.

About De Baak

With many different training courses, in-company and coaching trajectories, de Baak has focused on people and their personal development since 1947. At de Baak you are given the space to discover what you can do, who you are and what you are capable of. The brand idea 'Stop. That gives space' stimulates this growth. De Baak is convinced that to really develop, bring about change and discover what's in you, you only have to do one thing: stop. Stop everything that costs too much energy and yields too little. Stopping gives you space. Room for development and progress, and that is liberating.

Putting people first

De Baak is an organisation that stimulates connections and collaborations with people. The people who are connected to de Baak learn from each other, challenge each other and stimulate each other's growth. They wanted a website that matched this vision. An open and interactive website that gives their trainers and coaches a stage on which to present themselves. To share knowledge, write blogs and converse. In order to realise this, de Baak has enlisted the help of Iquality. We both put people central in their solutions, making this a great match.

From our vision we developed and built a website. In doing so, we put the end users central from the very beginning. For example, various user stories were detailed and film clips were made. The project was delivered according to the Agile/Scrum method. Because we had worked with short sprints, it was possible to quickly obtain feedback on user stories and the website was constantly refined. This quickly gave de Baak a good idea of what their new website would look like.

Open project structure

One of the main challenges during the project was the structured gathering of all content. This did require quite some time, however. From the start, we brought together all internal parties in a project team. Those were marketing, technology and management people. A good starting point, of course, but quite tricky in practice. Because everyone has their own ideas and views. During the entire process, we served as the fixed conversation partner for all parties. This open project structure eventually led to an ultimate compromise, everyone could agree to.

Intelligent content

Eventually, a fully responsive website was realized, where the user is central. This is demonstrated in the intelligent content de Baak works with, for instance. If a user looks for something within a certain context, the website displays suitable content and advertisements. In this way, the website provides a personal experience for every single user.

One central platform

As underlying technology, we opted for the user experience platform of Sitecore. A major advantage of this platform is the integration with other, external systems. We realized the links with the back-office system, the Salesforce CRM-system and EDU-DEX (the national education database). De Baak now works with one central platform for their entire educational catalogue. This means that they have to enter the information on their educational programmes in only one place. Conversions now occur in a much more structured way. If a visitor books a training online on the website, his information is automatically entered into the CRM system.”

Today, de Baak and Iquality still regularly collaborate. The website is continuously improved by means of the feedback from users. You have to open to feedback when you opt for a people-oriented website. The idea is to also eventually have external parties - that are not (yet) connected to us - place their own content on the website. This will only provide further enrichment.

Team lead Christian Haverkamp.

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Christian Haverkamp was intensively involved in all developments. He can tell you all about it with great enthusiasm. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact him.

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