Sharing information effectively and sustainably


Content management

Neopost seeks to gather and manage all the knowledge present within its own international organisation in one content management system. This allows the company to disseminate its product information via all channels in a uniform way. In other words, both in print, web and via an online integration with the products of Neopost. Neopost wants to shape this 'Knowledge Content Management System' with Sitecore and CMS.

Partnership Neopost and Iquality

Iquality has been working with Neopost Technologies BV in Drachten on a renewed online communication with customers, agents and dealers for some time. Because of the strategic interest of the solution, this has recently come under the responsibility of mother agency Neopost Industrie. The eventual goal is to structurally improve and optimize the mail processing of those customers. This can be done much faster, better and cheaper. The central challenge here is to share information as effectively and sustainably as possible.

Diversity of international stakeholders

Tjeerd Boomsma, senior Product Specialist at Neopost Technologies, states that the renewed online communication requires a correct coordination with a great diversity of international stakeholders: "Every stakeholder has other interests in the product. All those interests are carefully translated into a requirement document. In this document, we describe all functionalities and wishes for Neopost. That is quite a challenge."

Working smarter

Sitecore offers full support for DITA. That is an open xml-standard of OASIS that makes optimal reuse of content possible by means of Topic-based authoring. Iquality has expanded all these possibilities even further. Boomsma: "Previously, translations occurred across many layers. The entire process is now shortened. The translation agency now has direct access to the system. We now reuse content more often and therefore have a better organised workflow. This allows us to substantially reduce the annual translation costs. Working smarter therefore also means spending less money. It's a win-win situation."

We have good personal contact in a technical field. That is not strictly formal, Iquality is also an excellent sparring partner for me.

Tjeerd Boomsma, senior Product Specialist at Neopost Technologies
neopost device
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Sharing information effectively and sustainably

“For the future, we strive for one international product that's accessible to everyone. That doesn't only save costs, but this also allows us to provide better support to our customers, agents and dealers," according to Boomsma.

The eventual solution will have the following properties:

  • Single Source
  • Integrated workflow
  • Integrated translations
  • Link with translation agencies based on XLIFF, translations can be part of a workflow
  • Full DITA support (maps, topics, tasks, etc)
  • Reuse of content Import existing DITA Output to PDF (print/online), html, etc.
  • Responsive design
  • Online integration with the products of Neopost


Neopost is a pioneer and market leader in the field of high-tech solutions for mail processing, such as postage and addressing systems. The originally French company is European market leader and has a notable second position worldwide. Its headquarters are located in Paris and the company has various sales and production locations situated across the entire world. Neopost Netherlands consists of Neopost BV, the marketing and national sales office in Almere and Neopost Technologies in Drachten with production and R&D departments.

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