Responding to customer demands faster with Agile/Scrum

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A responsive website within three months

It was completely new to them: developing software via the Agile/Scrum method. And so, online loan specialist Freo was looking for partners who could help them. Within a short time, an interdisciplinary IT team was established, which they themselves were also part of. Thanks to a tight collaboration between all parties, the end result - a fully responsive website - was delivered within three months.

About Freo

Freo is a specialist in online loans and is part of the Rabobank Groep. At present, Freo offers personal loans and revolving credit to over 50,000 customers. Freo distinguishes itself by offering online loans in an easy way.

Control over the project

In 2014, the former corporate website of Freo had to be replaced. It was antiquated and non-responsive. Freo wanted to create a new website with an Agile/Scrum approach. Rick Bos, Marketing Manager at DLL/Freo: "Previously, we were only the client. However, we wanted to have a firmer grasp on the project and be closer to the development process of our new website. By actively participating in the interdisciplinary team, we were able to do so. During the entire process, the developers of Iquality and EightMedia collaborated closely with the people from DLL and Freo. The website was delivered in brief delivery terms of several weeks (sprints), during which we stayed within the established time and budget.'

Interdisciplinary team

'Because we have a reasonably complex internal organisation, scrumming proved to be the best way of development for us. Online processes touch multiple departments. To get everyone moving in the same direction, it was great to work with an interdisciplinary team where everything came together and everyone collaborated with the other team members from his/her own discipline.'

"Adopting the scrum technique did pose quite a challenge," Rick Bos laughs. "During the first three months, we sat with Iquality in the scrum room. This required quite a lot of energy, but Iquality was a great help. We learned to work in sprints and how to formulate user roles, for instance. Together with Iquality, we subsequently implemented the new website, step by step."

My advice for other companies? Closely collaborate with the people who create your product. Gain insight into their way of working and make sure that they also receive insight into your processes. Only then will you be able to create something that truly meets your expectations.

Rick Bos, Marketing Manager FREO

More accessible

"Our new website is much more accessible and works on all (mobile) devices. Customers can more easily request a loan and they do so more often. As underlying CMS, we opted for Sitecore Experience Platform: a very user-friendly and flexible system we can use to quickly and easily adjust content ourselves."

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  • Freo website example mobile 2
  • Freo website example laptop

Online customer environment

'All improvements we implement are aimed at providing a more customised service for our customers. For example, we recently went live with MijnFreo - also via the Scrum method: the online customer environment on our website where our customers don't only have insight into all their loan information, but can now also arrange things and change things. Think of paying off quicker, requesting a new loan and changing personal information. This is a double-edged factor: for customers, it's great to have online insight into his information and handle things themselves, and at the same time it saves us a great deal of administration."

Our technicians have daily contact with the developers of Iquality. Handy, because we are constantly looking at future development. For this purpose, we require a 'flexible' IT partner and we have certainly found it in Iquality!

Rick Bos, Marketing Manager FREO
Team lead Christian Haverkamp.

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Christian Haverkamp was intensively involved in all developments. He can tell you all about it with great enthusiasm. Want to know more? Don't hesitate to contact him.

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