Team as a Service


Strategy, Concept, Design, Development and Support in one team.

Our teams consist of various specialists. Think of front and back-end developers, support engineers, test engineers and a team leader. Internal and external specialists support our teams. Some teams work for one customer full-time, whereas other teams work for multiple customers. Each team has its own business specialisation. 

All processes within a team are optimised in order to efficiently launch new versions of software, apps or websites in a controlled manner. In this way, we can take responsibility for innovation, development and support within clear budget agreements.

TaaS is your 'growth accelerator'. It ensures that digital innovation and support are the constant focus.

John van Beek, Managing Partner & Solution Manager Iquality

Innovating rather than managing

Within a TaaS, knowledge about your organisation, your market and your preferences is retained. This means you are able to switch quickly. You don't have to match the correct knowledge and experience every time. Moreover, a balanced team is much faster and more efficient than a team in which people collaborate for the first time. In other words, you use your time for actual innovation and not for non-productive management.

Constantly working on digital innovation

In this era of digitisation, you seek to test the limits and perhaps expand them from time to time. TaaS makes this possible. The team is directly approachable, also as a sparring partner for instance. You don't have to go through a help desk employee or account manager. A TaaS works Agile, lean and investigates, invents and designs concepts and prototypes. In this way, TaaS constantly works on the digital innovation of your organisation. And this ensures that we get smarter together every day.

What can TaaS do for you?

In order to discover together what TaaS can do for you, we are happy to bring you into contact with one of our teams.


How does a Team as a Service work in practice?

Working together on a roadmap

Together with the team lead, you compose a roadmap. Through short iterations, we constantly add more value to your software, app or website. During the iterations, we actively work with you and your people, crossing the boundaries of organisations. Members of the team sometimes work in your location, or vice versa, your people work in our location.

Short iterations

Because we make short loops and the team also provides support, we soon receive valuable feedback. In this way, we get smarter every day and put new ideas to practice quickly.


Team as a Service is also for your existing software, apps or websites. Via a tight boarding process, we map your current situation and we make agreements about the support and further development of your software, apps or websites.

Because we make short loops and the team also provides support, we soon receive valuable feedback. In this way, we get smarter every day and have the possibility to put this to practice quickly.

Team as a Service
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John van Beek

I am curious to hear your story. Let's discover what digital technology can do for you.

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Our goal is for people to Get Smarter Every Day. 

John van Beek

Get Smarter Every Day

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