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Iquality GSED element.

A reliable cooperation

People, and therefore our customers, end users, partners and employees, are central to us. Every day we strive to be a value-adding and reliable partner that contributes to the customer's success in a sustainable way. Because we are in possession of ISO certifications, we show what is really important to us.

ISO27001: your data is safe

Safety – that's what ISO27001 is all about. With this certificate we demonstrate that we know how to protect the valuable information of our customers. Information and privacy are literally in good hands. We take the appropriate measures to prevent incorrect information, a leak or loss of information. In addition, it also means that we comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ISO9001: quality assurance

ISO9001 is the recognized standard in the field of quality management worldwide. Since 2012, we have been demonstrating that customer satisfaction is a major part of Iquality. By following the "plan-do-check-act cycle" we continuously improve our internal processes, so that we are alert to risks and opportunities. In other words, we deliver reliable solutions that meet our customers' expectations and continuously improve them. We strive for quality.

What does that mean for you

In general, we want to give you, as a customer, the confidence that we know how to work responsibly and handle confidential data. The guidelines within the certifications ensure that we can implement a structured approach and are therefore transparent, not only towards our employees, but also towards you as a customer. Can you find yourself in this? Lets meet.

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