We carry the ISO 9001 and the ISO 27001 certificate

Delivering guaranteed quality and security is of utmost importance to us. We constantly aim to further perfect our processes and services, in accordance with the wishes from the market. Quality concerns the entire process, from strategy and design to development and support.

ISO 9001:2015 certificate

We safeguard our quality of processes, services and organisation with integral management systems and processes. Since 2012 we hold the ISO 9001 certificate. This certification indicates that quality experience and safeguarding is anchored within the organisation. The certificate is valid for the following scope: Consultancy, development, implementation and management of ICT solutions.

ISO 9001 2015.

ISO 27001:2013-certificate

In addition to quality, we also consider safety to be of paramount importance. That is why we have been ISO 27001 certified since July 2020. The purpose of this certification is to guarantee the security of our services, solutions and organization and to create greater security awareness among our employees, suppliers and partners. The scope of this certification includes our activities in the field of consultancy, development, implementation and management of all of our ICT solutions.

ISO 27001 2013.

CSR Policy

We take our Social Responsibility seriously and therefore we have structurally embedded corporate social responsibility into our business operations. This is a logical result of the CSR philosophy that has been part of our company's structure for years. We have a CSR team and we publish a CSR annual report every year. We also try to make an additional contribution to improving the climate by donating 0.1% of our turnover to planting trees.

It's our ambition to structurally improve organisations through ICT. This process is continuous. Corporate Social Responsibility is not a goal or a means, but a precondition in realizing this.

What does this mean for you?

Our service provision is not aimed at one-time transactions but rather on long-term relationships. It is our ambition to structurally improve organisations through ICT. This process is continuous. Corporate Social Responsibility is not a goal or a means, but a precondition in realizing this. That means that only collaborations that allow us to continue to provide value to our customers and realise the further development of our own organisation are durable and thus valuable.

It is very important to continuously innovate. We especially emphasise the impact of our services and products for the purchasing organisation and its environment. The commercial objectives of our purchasers are important, as well as the consequences for the people involved, for the organisation and, of course, for the environment. It is our ambition to bring about renewal and innovation and to build on the world of tomorrow. We seek to achieve this by taking the initiative in shaping solutions for our customers. By structurally keeping interests of those involved and the environment open for discussion and by presenting innovative proposals.

We believe that companies, suppliers and employees choose us because we don't merely focus on delivery, but rather have great interest in what we can actually do for our purchasers: what it is that we create? Why? and what about its lasting impact? We believe that employees and suppliers prefer to work with us, because the why of our service provision is clear and people are happy to collaborate because of this.


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