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An experienced Sitecore Team

Are you facing challenges to get your Sitecore websites to the next level? We have an experienced team that can work closely with you! A multidisciplinary team consisting of UX, front and back-end development and marketing specialists. This team designs, develops and services applications and software and helps you to fully use the many marketing features that Sitecore has to offer. We call this ‘Team as a Service’.

Team as a Service

Our team can function as an addition to your current Sitecore team or can take over the support and development of your Sitecore websites. We start with a boarding process. In this process we map out your current situation and then we take over the responsibility for supporting and developing your Sitecore website (s).

Continuous development & deployment

You don’t have to wait until the next release. Instead new features can be deployed to the production environment immediately. This helps you to respond quickly to new market developments. Furthermore, we both lose as little time as possible to management tasks or ambiguities in the process. We prefer to spend that time on developing new features.


All expertise is bundled to one team. Various expertise’s reinforce each other in favour of the end result. Moreover, a balanced team is faster and more efficient than a team in which people work together for the first time. We will spent time on actual innovation and not for unproductive management.


The team's capacity is flexible, allowing us to respond optimally to your need to accelerate or downsize at all times. In addition, the team also offers flexibility in the right mix of expertise if you want change your focus during the project.

Intensive cooperation

The team knows your business model and you know the team. This means that it is not necessary to constantly explain processes and the team can use this knowledge to tailor the application to your needs.

Freo, Athlon Car Lease and DLL already experienced Team as a Service!

Organizations such as Freo, Athlon Car Lease and DLL already work intensively with our team and have already experienced the benefits of an Iquality Team as a Service.


For Freo we have developed the public website and the “My Freo” environment and we are continuing to develop and manage these websites.

Athlon Car Lease

Our team is the sparring partner of Athlon Car Lease and advises and develops multiple websites in response to Athlon's need for continuous innovation..


Furthermore, we maintain and develop all prominent websites for DLL. More specific: we support and develop the following websites: Leasit, DLL Dealerlease, DLL Group and Working at DLL Group.

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Rob Vogelsangs knows how to get things done. He can tell you exactly what Iquality can do for your organization. Don't hesitate to contact him.

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