Curious about how you can improve customer experience, efficiency and compliance by smartly combining technology?

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How to make a difference in the digital world within finance

Join Freo, Iquality and Sitecore in this exclusive digital interactive workshop on Tuesday 22 September at 11 a.m. and learn more about the Digital Strategy of Freo directly from Sander Janssen - Head of Digital at Freo, part of the Rabobank - and how they optimized their digital experience by cleverly combining different technologies. Within the webinar, practical questions are mainly presented to various specialists.

Please be aware that this webinar will be held in Dutch.

Marketing + Onboarding + Service

At a time where interest rates are close to each other, it is the services of a loan provider that makes all the difference. As a specialist in online loans, Freo is always looking for ways to improve its services. In doing so, Freo looks at the entire online marketing chain: from onboarding to the online delivery of its services. In addition, the organization makes use of new possibilities such as PSD2, voice assistants and Ockto. Collaboration with an open and flexible content management system is an important part of this.

How does that work  when put to practice?

Boris Leenaars of Sitecore and Remco van Toor of Iquality show how Freo's "experience platform" fulfills new needs in the field of experience, efficiency and compliance. They answer the following question: "how do you ensure that you can quickly respond to opportunities and make smart use of new technologies?"


  • What does the Freo's digital strategy look like?
  • How do you manage huge amounts of different technologies?
  • How can you have more impact by optimizing the digital performance (Experience + Efficiency + Compliance) through combining upcoming technologies?
  • How can the Sitecore Digital Experience platform deliver value and collaborate with all the other elements without any restrictions?

Improving your online customer experience and your efficiency can mainly be achieved by cleverly combining different emerging technologies. With Freo and Sitecore we show how this works when put to practice.

John van Beek, Iquality
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Exclusive interactive session: How to optimize your digital experience

Want to find out how you can make a difference in the digital world within Finance? Join our webinar!
Note: This event is in Dutch.

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