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A Blockchain Lab

Everyone talks about it: the technology called “blockchain”. Many people think that blockchain is going to change the world, like internet did about twenty years ago.
However, for a lot of people the concepts of blockchain are either too abstract or too technical. This leads to uncertainty for many organizations: should we explore this new technology, and if so, how? Iquality is here to help you with these questions.

The applicability of blockchain

Blockchain technology is mainly known for cryptocurrency, but this technology can add value to many industries. For instance, blockchain can be used for educational organizations to verify academic results in a secure way. It can also be put to use to optimize administrative proceedings in (international) supply chains. Blockchain technology is also applicable in the energy sector for reselling privately generated power.
Are you interested in the new blockchain technology and you want to know how it might benefit your organization? An Iquality Blockchain Lab is the solution you’re looking for!

With our Blockchain Team we look beyond the hype and look at the real possibilities of blockchain technology. We know what is viable at this moment and anticipate the new possibilities the coming years will bring.

Marvin van Wingerde

Why an Iquality Blockchain Lab?

There are multiple possibilities when it comes to planning a Blockchain Lab. You might already have an idea how blockchain can fit into your business model. A Lab can help you put your idea to the test in a ‘proof of concept’. It may also be that you actually don’t have a concrete idea of how blockchain would fit into your organization yet. If that’s the case, we can look at your industry, your business model and relevant business processes together. Based on this information, we can develop a conceptual model which will be the base for a solution prototype.

A customizable Lab

Prior to a Lab we will set goals together for what the Lab aims to achieve. For example, you could be an innovation manager who wants to find out if blockchain can add value to a project. Or, you can also be an IT director who wants to determine whether blockchain is of strategic importance. Maybe you’re a domain expert who, together with your team, wants to know more about blockchain in the context of a (set of) specific use case(s). Iquality would gladly be at your service when it comes to each of these examples.

What does a Blockchain Lab contain?

In principle, a Blockchain Lab consists of four phases. We call the first phase ‘Ideation’. We start by looking at challenges in the business model. We go deeper into the business processes and looking at the blockchain characteristics, we decide if blockchain can offer a solution.
After this, the ‘Conceptual Modelling’ phase follows. This phase determines the technology stack requirements. A data model and data governance model will be formed as a base for the conceptual model. To do this, we have to look at which data streams there are and between which entities they take place. We also look at which platform can be used, such as Ethereum, Quorum, Hyperledger, or others.
The third phase realizes a prototype of the conceptual model that is designed in the second phase. In this ‘Rapid Prototyping’ phase the technical implementation takes place and has a demo as a result.
The fourth phase, the ‘Pilot’, is optional. In this phase the prototype is tested in a surrounding that mimics reality. Feedback from various stakeholders will be collected during this phase. This phase is a great starting point to switch to the development of a fully operational product.

Ideation - Conceptual Modeling - Rapid Prototyping - Pilot

Let’s get started!

An Iquality Blockchain Lab can take place within our own facilities (Nijmegen, Eindhoven or Amsterdam), but it can also take place on location. A Blockchain Lab with Iquality is fully customizable and can vary from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. The exact demarcation of a Lab is coordinated in preliminary meetings.

For more information or an introductory meeting, you can contact Marvin van Wingerde.

Marvin van Wingerde

Curious about how a Blockchain Lab can benefit you?

Contact Marvin

Marvin is a specialized Blockchain Developer and he can tell you exactly what an Iquality Blockchain Lab can do for your organization.

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