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It is the technology that you can no longer ignore: blockchain. In addition to artificial intelligence, blockchain - or distributed ledger technology - is the current big hype in the tech industry. Iquality also realizes this and we look forward to the developments of this new technology. This is why we started our Blockchain Team in 2017. With this team we focus on two things: investigating the possibilities of blockchain and making the technology practically applicable within those established possibilities.

An Iquality Blockchain Lab

Everyone talks about it: the technology called “blockchain”. Should you explore this new technology, and if so, how? Iquality is here to help you with these questions.

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Are blockchain initiatives keeping their promises?

Blockchain is promising but hasn’t proven itself yet. In 2017 about six billion dollars was raised in so-called “ICOs”. The teams that started blockchain initiatives promised a lot for the money that was invested, but there are only very few products live to date. his is not just a disadvantage, though. There was a lot of interest in blockchain in the last year, which ensured that the infrastructural development wasn’t hindered by financial reasons. This benefits the industry as a whole, because - like the protocols of the internet - a solid technical foundation is critical.

Iquality's Blockchain Team

With our Blockchain Team we go beyond the hype and we look at the real possibilities of blockchain technology. We know what is possible at the moment and anticipate the possibilities of the coming years. We look beyond cryptocurrency and place the emphasis on automation of (business) processes. We can help organizations with applying this technology to existing and new business processes. This way we can offer added value by using blockchain within every organization and not only within the financial sector.

One blockchain to rule them all?

We don’t believe that there is "one blockchain to rule them all", but we put our focus mainly on two platforms; Ethereum and Hyperledger. The reason for this is that they have the most activity and the largest developer communities by far. In addition, they also provide a good foundation for a large part of the possible business requirements. Ethereum is a public network that everyone can participate in, which can be used well in B2C and C2C scenarios. On the other hand, Hyperledger focuses more on public networks managed by a consortium. This generally is more useful when it comes to B2B scenarios and scenarios where governments provide services to consumers or businesses.

Co-creation with Iquality

We would gladly be of service with our knowledge and experience. We offer our services in the form of Labs, in which we emphasize the development of a tangible blockchain prototype. We believe in 'co-creation', in which - from both a business and technical perspective - we come to a fitted solution together. By working together, we’ll make sure that all relevant stakeholders will have added value.

Do you want to know more about our team or our services? Don’t hesitate to contact Marvin!

Marvin van Wingerde

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Marvin is a specialized Blockchain Developer and he can tell you exactly what an Iquality Blockchain Lab can do for your organization.

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