Blockchain: a many-headed monster

Blockchain technology


Blockchain: a many-headed monster

'Blockchain'. The term has all the characteristics of a mythical figure; a dragon with multiple heads which everyone is talking about, yet no one has actually seen this beast up close. But, we were bold and ventured into the enchanted forest, looking to come face to face with this seemingly elusive subject.

We try to find the answer to the following two questions, both for ourselves and our customers: 'What is it?' and 'How will it help us?' As a tech company, we initially sought to understand how exactly such a blockchain works, what ingredients you need and in what ratios. As a solution company, we subsequently want to explain to our customers how and why such a blockchain can be applied. What possible advantages it provides and what disruptions, opportunities and threats it brings for the existing business.

"Do you really need all that high-tech bling?"

When the Internet arose in the nineties, no one had any inkling of how it would change the world. Google, Facebook, Uber, AirBnB, Skype, Snapchat, Paypal, Instagram, iDeal, Twitter, ...? Nowadays, this is everyday business for most, but at the time, no one suspected all the ways the Internet could be used and what daily function it would have in social traffic.

Sometimes, it's difficult to predict beforehand what technology breaches the paradigm; what invention completely changes the way we live our lives. A good example of this is the iPhone. When the iPhone combined various technologies into the first touchscreen phone, there were a lot of sceptics who now look back on a device that disrupted the entire industry and gave rise to new industries.

Currently, we seem to be at the forefront of another 'disruptive moment', this time with blockchain. Everyone is diligently trying to fully understand the technology, but the 'why' questions is also crucial. What can I use it for? Do I have to use it or can I just go on with my business as usual?

"Understanding blockchain technology is not for the average person. This is level 10,000 on the nerd scale."


Guide and experiment lab

With our extensive knowledge of database systems, complicated connections and apps, 'understanding' blockchain technology is a logical evolution for Together with our customers, we explore the world of blockchain. The difference between blockchain 1.0 and 2.0. The difference between public and private chains. The connection to the Internet of Things. Blockchain or a regular database? What problems is a blockchain able or unable to solve. In the Iquality Labs, we experiment with existing possibilities, invent new ideas and test existing business models/apps/websites/links and possible combinations with a blockchain. We look for one or multiple use cases in combination with this new technology.

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